If you’re someone who grows or sells sweet potatoes, some of your customers might be asking, “Are these sweet potatoes GMO?” Even if you’re just someone who buys and eats sweet potatoes, you might be asking this question too. Naturally, prehistoric humans chose to farm the types of sweet potatoes that best suited their needs. Simple to make steamed purple sweet potatoes. What does "GMO" mean, anyway? Yes! Purple sweet potato contains antioxidants that are good for your heart, digestion, cognitive function, and liver health. You will find a recipe below that will show you how to steam them. So look for grocery stores like those. Scientists at the International Potato Center and the University of Ghent in Belgium discovered that all 291 sweet potato varieties they tested, and some wild types, contained DNA from another species -- Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Flat vs. Point Brisket. They easily become water logged and lose their eye appeal. One of the scientists, Jan Kreuze, said the foreign DNA helped the plant’s roots evolve into something edible. Joe Guenthner, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Idaho. Fill the pot with enough water to just come underneath the potatoes. Steaming is a much better option and it doesn’t take that long either. Purple sweet potatoes have a similar taste to orange sweet potatoes, but they’re a bit less sweet. Part of this problem is that our grocery stores only offer a small amount of the diversity of fruits and vegetables, so when people see something new like a purple sweet potato they have a hard time believing that it wasn’t created in a lab. They are usually labeled as Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They can be identified by their color on the inside such as the purple “Okinawa,” the orange sweet potato, the yam, and the white sweet potato. They have a lower glycemic rating, which is particularly good for diabetics and pre-diabetics. Mention @eatlikenooneelse or tag #eatlikenooneelse. Unlike purple beans, these don’t lose their color when cooked, in fact it’s often even more purple. They are just as natural as the orange sweet potatoes … Sweet Potato Genetically Modified 8,000 Years Ago : Goats and Soda People have been farming — and eating — a GMO for thousands … Before this question can be answered, however, a few terms need to be cleared up. The purple color is just stunning. If you want to see their vivid color on full display trying making my Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi. Organic Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes are also available. Which type of potato is healthiest? Yuck! Given its bright orange color, this is not surprising. Other sweet potato parts are edible, such as the leaves. The two are commonly confused and mislabeled at the market, so most people in the U.S. have never eaten an actual yam (native to Africa). Among the commonly available varieties, it would be the sweet potato. It is well known that sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and have good nutritional value. Whole Foods Market is the place that I find them most often. I have heard some people say they have a more nutty flavor, reminiscent of chestnuts. Purple potatoes are the eye-catching gems of the potato aisle. You could eat them as is, or you could mash them up with a fork, then mix in butter, salt, and black pepper to taste. They could, however, be natural GMOS. That’s good for everyone, especially type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Eating what’s in season is my jam (I also make it! MEETING INCREASING FOOD DEMAND SUSTAINABLY. », Check out all the posts in our What’s the Difference series. Check out all the posts in our What’s the Difference series. « Air Chilled Chicken – What’s the Difference? Out of all the fruits and veggies I have encountered, it’s hard to top the beauty of a Stokes Purple Sweet Potato. This is something I actually appreciate as growing up I was never fan of sweet potatoes, especially not the ones covered in marshmallows at Thanksgiving. They also are not as sweet as other sweet potatoes, which I approve of. Really whatever a standard potato can do a sweet potato can do, and a purple sweet potato can do more beautifully. I’m a reformed picky eater finding a new way to not conform. Whatever the case, most likely these violet beauties are better for you if you have diabetes, when … They stock them nearly the entire year now. Offering a well-balanced sweetness and texture, Stokes Purple® sweet potato is a unique variety with purple skin and rich purple flesh that intensifies when cooked. Cook until tender. Why Are They Purple? Learn how your comment data is processed. In the raw form it has an ORAC value of 902 and after it is baked, it's 2,115. The thing that sets purple sweet potatoes apart when it comes to their nutritional value is that they are packed with antioxidants. I don’t know if Okinawan Purple and Molokai Purple were among the varieties tested. And here’s a cool fact: Food chemists are using purple potatoes as a natural food dye and an alternative to toxic, synthetic food dyes. You may also find another sweet potato that has a purplish color on the outside. It is noted that the first purple sweet potato was bred by the Japanese and grown specifically on Okinawa, hence its name. Expert response from Specifically, they have a lot of anthocyanins, which are also found in other plant foods like blueberry, raspberry and black soybeans. Aside from its unique bold color it also contains anthocyanin antioxidants (just like blueberries) and is a good source of vitamin C and fiber, making it healthy and nutritious. Our personal favorites are the purple and the orange organic sweet potato. However they seem to have gone out of business as I can’t find a trace of them online anymore. If you don’t have any special steaming equipment just take a pot that you had a lid for place a mesh strainer over top. Place them into your steamer basket (see notes if you don’t have one) and steam them until fork tender, Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes – What’s the Difference. The climate and soil where they are mostly grown around Hanging Rock State Park and the Sauratown Mountain range help produce a sweet potato of such unique color and with rich nutrients. Advertisement It is not the first instance of natural GMOs to be found, but it is the first in sweet potatoes - a major crop plant. Let us teach you how they are different and the best ways to use them. Purple sweet potatoes will last between one to two weeks when stored in a cool, dry place — one that's warmer than the fridge temperature and cooler than room temperature. So, are purple potatoes natural? You can stir it into a savory stew to feed a hungry crowd on game day, bake into a family-favorite casserole for a holiday meal, or simply roast a potato and eat it plain. Their deep-purple coloring actually comes from all the antioxidants they contain. I was featured on their website. You can find them distributed by Frieda’s Produce, the same company responsible for introducing Kiwi to the United States as well as many other fruits and vegetables. I have seen many amazing photos of sweet potato pies made with them. They are just as natural as the orange sweet potatoes that dominate our grocery stores. But keep in mind that they have a shorter lifespan than regular potatoes. Like any cultivated crop, sweet potatoes have been genetically modified by humans over a very long period of time, through selective breeding, to produce improved varieties with desirable traits for flavor, texture, color, shape, pest and disease resistance, drought tolerance, and so on. Those sweet potato varieties are not modern GMOs. There are several varieties of sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients that are great for your health. Add the lid. Genetically modified potatoes are on the way to market as of 2015. That purple color means lots of antioxidants that are oh so good for our bodies. Add the sweet potatoes. Generally, sweet potatoes and yams have a lower glycemic index rating (GI) than white, russet, and red potatoes. The U.S. government has deemed GM foods safe, but not all scientists agree. You may store purple sweet potatoes the same way you store regular potatoes: in a cool, dry place. The answer is no. Next time you are at the market buying sweet potatoes, look around and see if you spot something a little different. Natural GMO? You could also place the finished potatoes into a pan with a couple tablespoons of oil, and pan fry the potatoes until just browned. For starters, they boast different antioxidants. They could, however, be natural GMOS. Peel your sweet potatoes, then cube them. The world of produce is a beautiful place. The flavor of the potato is outstanding, part of that is due to it’s more dry texture that leaves you with less water and more flavor. Cheddar vs. Colby. The Stokes Purple ® sweet potato is grown in California and is non-GMO. Stokes Purple has become my favorite sweet potato for the following reasons. Beyond the cosmetic, how are purple sweet potatoes different than the sweet potatoes you are more familiar with? White vs. Yellow Popcorn and many other topics. Another variety name you may find is called Murasaki (these are sold at Trader Joe’s). Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes were not genetically modified to look purple. I hve also seen them at the Fresh Market. Scientists at the International Potato Center and the University of Ghent in Belgium discovered that all 291 sweet potato varieties they tested, and some wild types, contained DNA from another species -- Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The antioxidant value of Purple Sweet Potato, Raw described in ORAC units is: 2,720 μ mol TE/100g.. ), Copyright © 2020 Eat Like No One Else on the Foodie Pro Theme. The Stokes Purple® sweet potato is grown in California and is non-GMO. The responses on all GMOAnswers.com websites do not necessarily reflect the views of CropLife International member companies. The striking coloring of the potatoes is not some nasty GMO trick. The purple potato made its way to Hawaii and then to the U.S. mainland. Part of this problem is that our grocery stores only offer a small amount of the diversity of fruits and vegetables, so when people see something new like a purple sweet potato they have a hard time believing that it wasn’t created in a lab. By comparing wild to farmed varieties, the scientists concluded that Agrobacterium DNA has been in sweet potatoes for more than 8,000 years. A non-GMO variety that has not been messed around with in a lab, You can find organically grown purple sweet potatoes. Both of these are not going to be as purple on the outside and the flesh inside is white. The answer is no. I think these characteristics make them an excellent choice for homemade sweet potatoes fries (check out my recipe). Purple Sweet Potatoes vs. Purple Yams Sweet potatoes are grown underground while yams grow on a vine above the ground, though yams do look like a tuber. Sweet potatoes with purple flesh are from the same family as regular sweet potatoes. The sweet potato is a popular ingredient in many classic, cool-weather recipes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Home » What is the Difference » Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes – What’s the Difference, January 28, 2020 by Eric Samuelson 1 Comment. Purple outside and even more purple inside. Hawaiian sweet potato, which is a variety called ‘Okinawan’, but is commonly called purple yam, Japanese purple potato or Japanese Sweet Potato. I’m Eric : Father of 4, living just south of Ann Arbor, MI. There was a company that was producing them called Stokes Foods. Simple one-celled bacteria living in the soil are the original genetic engineers. Should only take a few minutes. The Okinawan sweet potato is white outside in purple inside. Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes were not genetically modified to look purple. They are more similar in flavor and texture to the Stokes Purple. Purple sweet potatoes may be one of the prettiest veggies on this planet. Ancient people in Central and South America selected the best plants and domestication of the sweet potato spread to Polynesia, then Asia, Europe and Africa. Bring the water to a boil, then turn down to simmer. Monday, 09/05/2016 11:19. Organic Stokes Purple ® Sweet Potatoes are also available. When I worked in produce retail, one of the most common questions I got when a customer encountered a fruit or vegetable that was a different color than they were use to was is this is a GMO? So many colors, I bet rainbows get jealous. Purple sweet potato benefits are plentiful, making this variation to the normal sweet potato worth seeking out. Filed Under: What is the Difference Tagged With: Alton Brown, Frieda’s Produce, Good Eats, Non-GMO, Purple Foods, Sweet Potato. Now all Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes you are seeing in the stores are coming from California. Farmers were replacing their tobacco groups with these sweet potatoes. The only thing I don’t recommend doing with them is to boil them. Because of their many health benefits, purple sweet potatoes are also good for diabetes. Stokes Purple are less sweet than other sweet potatoes. medium to large Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Did you know that Stokes originated in North Carolina? Are Okinawan Purple sweet potato and Molokai Purple sweet potato GMO products? Those sweet potato varieties are not modern GMOs. Hi! There are purple varieties of both vegetables. Currently there is no GMO sweet potato on the market. Done in 20 minutes. What Kitchen Tools Does Alton Brown Use on Good Eats? However we are not aware of a reputable source for the GI of purple sweet potatoes (if you know, please mention in comments).
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