BitLife being a game where you can be anyone you want and do what you want to earn money and make a living, gamers will also need to keep in mind that they also have a good future in hand.. The dream of becoming a highly trained athlete is finally a reality thanks to BitLife! save. Answers. High School is the minimum education requirement to move into another country in BitLife. Posted by 4 hours ago. New to the BitLife Life Simulator game? To become a professor in BitLife you should study hard in school. Players can now train and become professional athletes and be paid to play the sports they love. BitLife is a fantastic opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true. Posted on: Dec 5, 2018. Some students apply to graduate school and disregard the benchmark requirements of admitted students; if you need a 3.5 GPA and you have a 3.2, chances are that you won’t be admitted. Ok, maybe not your absolute wildest dreams, but still. hide. ... you need at least a four-year degree. Comments section whenever BitLife posts something on Instagram Meme. 6. ... it’s easier to reroll the character then continually be rejected from the sports club. MM, Dec 4, 2018. How do you get the qualifications to go to graduate school in BitLife. After graduating University go to graduate school (make sure to study hard). You should be a High School graduate if you need to emigrate to another country. Answer from: Heather You would have to go to university and then have enough smarts to be able to qualify for graduate school. Even then, there is a chance that you will get rejected. Becoming a professional athlete in BitLife gives you a few choices. Money. When you go to university study English. BitLife‘s Bit League sports update has added the new professional athlete career choice! Master all of its core concepts with these BitLife cheats available with guides, tips, and tricks. 2.1k. However, much like real life, the path to becoming a […] Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife 2019. report. share. Why do I keep getting rejected from medical school despite completing graduate school? Answer from: ModGal Education for sure, and maybe a few others. The process of migrating to another country in BitLife involves some cost. But try it with all five branches before you give up. But you can have any education qualification higher than the high school to apply for emigration. That might sound very simple, but this game is far from that. Bitlife Medical School Rejected To avoid being rejected by medical school in bitlife , you have to focus and study completely, whether it is in the game or real life. Close. Yes, you can choose to be a businessman which offers the Highest Paying Jobs in Bitlife offer and make your way to the top but you will face much competition, 45 comments. BitLife Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide: – In BitLife – Life Simulator game, the player starts a virtual life as a random girl/boy character. 2.3k. BitLife is a popular life simulation game from Candywriter that is very casual because of its text-based nature. When you graduate from high school, pick a smart major. If you do all the things correctly then you will get admission easily. If you tried to get into medical school and get rejected, that means your smart stats need to be higher. WTF.
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