Rachel Noble, from ethical tourism charity Tourism Concern, believes that disaster tourism is often best avoided all together. Are you ready to plan for the upcoming fundraising year? Tourism Concern, the UK-based charity campaigning for ethical and sustainable travel across the globe, closes after 30 years due to lack of financial support. 500+ connections. Tourism Concern Tourism Concern - UK Charity London, Greater London, United Kingdom International Trade and Development. Founded 1989 Check out the bold bullets for some fresh ideas. Tourism Concern fights exploitation in tourism. Tourism Concern. Phone: +353 1 417 7700 We work with partners in over 20 destination countries to ensure that tourism always benefits local people. Reason for removal: Ceased to exist. The trustees of Tourism Concern have taken the difficult decision to close the charity. Registered Charity Number 1064020 Set up in 1989 Tourism Concern is a unique independent charity dedicated to campaigning for ethical and fairly traded tourism. Tourism Concern campaigns for ethical tourism – tourism that benefits local communities and respects both the people, places and animals that form part of our holiday. This charity was registered on 19 Aug 1997, It was removed from the register on 03 Feb 2020. We found a few new ones to add to the list though! Why fundraise for Tourism Concern Our long term research and dedication to ensuring that tourism always benefits the local communities is only made possible by the kind support of individuals like yourself. Check out the list of awareness dates and holidays to make sure you don't miss any fundraising opportunities! Charity number 1064020. In the resort villages of Kiwengwa and Nungwi in Zanzibar, Tourism Concern's researchers found that, on average, tourists were using 16 times more fresh water a day per head than locals. Concern Worldwide, a company limited by guarantee, Registered Company Number: 39647, Registered Revenue Number: CHY 5745, Registered Charity Number: 20009090, Registered in Ireland, Registered address is 52–55 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2. T he only UK charity to monitor the impact of tourism on local people across the globe is under threat because its funding has dried up. We are an independent, non-industry based, UK charity, with members and supporters from around the world. Tourism Concern. The Travel Foundation is an independent charity that works with tourism companies and organisations to unlock the positive potential of tourism. Tourism Concern. Tricia Barnett, former director of Tourism Concern, a United Kingdom-based charity that fights tourism exploitation, told BBC News that slum tours can be unfair if the community isn’t involved. The vote was unanimous. Company Website. At the heart of what we do is helping tourists make ethical and informed decisions, knowing the … Charitable objects. We are largely funded by individuals who are often keen travellers themselves and who want their holidays to be as good for the people they visit as for themselves. Most global cause awareness days and months stay the same in 2020, as they were in 2019.
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