I know that most Szechuan beef dishes are simple stir frys with strips of beef and veggies. Fill the bottom of a heavy bottom pan completely with vegetable oil or other high smoking point oil. Dry Fried Sichuan Beef (干煸牛肉, gan bian niu rou) is a spicy dish of crispy beef, vegetables, ginger, and spicy bean sauce. If spicy food isn’t your thing, you can substitute the hot bean sauce/paste for regular sweet bean sauce/paste and omit the chili flakes. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes, til the outside is crispy. Transfer to strainer in sink and pour oil and beef into it. Oil: I use a neutral oil for pan frying the beef then sesame oil and chili oil for the sauce. Place empty wok back on high heat, add garlic and green onion. This Szechuan Beef is more tender than crispy because it is sautéed verses fried. Add sauce and stir well to coat. To fry your Szechuan Beef: Toss beef in an additional 2 tablespoons cornstarch right before cooking. I was wondering if anybody knows of a Szechuan restaurant in the GTA that serves this dish? Add hot pepper and orange peel, Stir briefly. Sauces: hoisin, rice wine … Here are the ingredients for this Szechuan Beef recipe: Beef: strip steak or flank steak, sliced thin are the best cuts of meat for this recipe because they are tender and lean and stand up to fast cooking times. Add beef, stir to break it up. This is more like a crispy ginger beef, coated with cornstarch, wok-fried and sauced with a spicy/sweet concoction. Add onion and water chestnuts and stir 30 seconds.
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