But it wasn’t really a concern until I had to start playing Death Guard... and omg, they suck to play against. Death Guard Kill Team J'ai toujours trouvé Nurgle et la Death Guard bien cool à Warhammer 40k , mais je n'avais jamais franchi le pas... Depuis la sortie des dernières boîtes de base de Warhammer 40k (Il y a un an ou deux), ces (magnifiques) figurines me faisaient de l’œil et l'envie de tester Kill Team … Don’t rely on them to do anything other than mill around objectives, operate doors, and potentially tie up your opponent’s shooting if you get lucky with positioning. The next Plague Marine with a Flail of Corruption is ready for battle. With kill team being released a few weeks ago, ive been spending alot of time (until recently) making Kill team lists. On a 6, that enemy suffers a mortal wound after all of its attacks have been resolved. Published on 23rd February 2019 23rd February 2019 by owen. What does a death guard kill team look like with elites? DarknessEternal. Each Terminator can also take a combi-plasma or combi-melta instead of its combi-bolter. A d6-damage power fist that re-rolls wounds of 1. Kill Team is a Warhammer 40,000 (or 40K) skirmish game. A Plague Marine with plasma should be enough to deal with the hulks, while regular plage marines deal with the flies. Expect every model in your opponent’s kill team to shoot at him from turn 1, but with 6 wounds and the same 2+/4++/5+++ as other Death Guard Terminators, he has a decent chance of making it across the board, and once he gets there, he’ll do work. One of the best things about the Death Guard, especially if you aren’t playing Elites, is how forgiving they are. There can be way more cultists than flies, after all. Destroyed towards the end of the voyage. Interesting on a great plague cleaver or mace of contagion fighter, but very all-in. You’re going to have one of the best melee units on the table. You’ll find that your models will survive attacks that you might otherwise expect to remove them from the game. At a starting cost of 114 points, this guy is expensive, but scary. Death Guard for Kill Teams with Death Guard tactics cards. Built using WordPress. And what’s the current state of plague flails since they were nerfed? A second Flail is always a good choice, but consider also taking a Great Plague Cleaver or a Mace of Contagion. Release live on the criticalrolltv twitch channel. Just don’t rely on them to pick up a kill. Each is equipped with a plaguespurt gauntlet, which is a hand flamer that re-rolls 1s to wound, and a manreaper, which is a giant scythe that will destroy anything you point it at, hitting at S8 and re-rolling 1s to wound. The new Terminator choices with Elites are some of the hardest units to shift in the entire game, and back that up with some absolutely terrifying weapon choices. A Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – The Dolorous Strain: Death Guard Kill Team egy közepesen összetett kiegészítő a Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team társasjátékhoz, 2 - 4 játékos részére. Build based on your opponent’s list, and default to the axe if you’re not sure. Shipping and handling. I used one of the Plague Marines from the Dark Imperium Box, a Nemesis Warding Staff from the Grey Knights and two Chaos Marauder Flails for the Flail of Corruption conversion. This is the good shit. On a 1, they suffer D3 mortal wounds instead. Genestealer Cults. I am not the original creators of these models or the tactic cards i have just collected them for ease of access. For the first time in 40k's history, Grandfather Nurgle's favorite pus-sacks have gotten their own Codex, and it's a solid mix of the fluffy and crunchy. With a simple entry, The Plasma Guard Team kinda breaks the game, making everyone not stocking up on the plasma guns feel like they’re not taking The Right Choice, and wastes the opportunity to use the conceptually cool and much more fitting for KT action Veterans. Unlike in 40k, taking two knives doesn’t net you an extra attack. Use that to your advantage. If you’re playing a Commanders game and don’t know which Commander to pick, this is the Goonhammer-Approved default choice. • He’s also one of only two options you have for a Strategist specialist, and by far the cheaper of the two. Most of the Champion’s options aren’t great, with the exception of the plasma pistol or plasma gun – take one of those (favoring the plasma gun unless you don’t have the points). If you’re playing a Commanders game, these guys get even better – commanders within 3” of a Deathshroud gain an extra attack and can offload any hits against them onto their bodyguard on a 2+.
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