ALL-NEW AMERICAN ELITE NECK HEEL They’re very detailed and dynamic pickups so what you put in, you get out. “There are three main strands to the product categories: vintage-inspired, contemporary and advanced,” explains … The American Ultra models arrive in the same moulded cases of the American Professional range. Our Blackburn store is closed for visiting but is open for click & collect orders, Fender American Strats: Pro VS Elite VS Special – The Difference Between Them. In this blog we’re going to look at the differences between the Fender American Elite (now discontinued), Fender American Professional, Fender American Special … The treble-bleed circuit maintains the high end when turning down the volume knob to reduce gain, letting your tone shine through, no matter where the instrument’s volume is set. Surely a Strat sounds like a Strat? The American Professional Tele is also available … It’s a no-frills, refined workhorse, and perhaps represents one of the finest … Unlike some of the other options out there, these … Taylor Guitars: Made In Mexico vs USA – What Are The Differences? Our top picks for the best Telecaster guitar starts with the Fender American Professional Telecaster, a seriously beautiful and versatile guitar that pays homage to the originals while bringing them right up to date. The Special Strat also has a vintage style tremolo system, compared to the Pro and Elite’s two point trem system so you may notice some differences when using the whammy bar. It’s got such a unique sound and people of all ages and playing styles still want that. June 19, 2020. Also, the American Special is the only one out of the three to have jumbo frets which, in theory, will add something to your tone. A modern “C”-shape at the nut, the rear of the neck morphs along the length of the neck to a modern “D”-shaped profile at the updated neck heel, providing plenty of ergonomic support. Messages: 1,030. Thank you! The Fender American Professional Tele brings with it a Deep C neck profile, Narrow-Tall frets, V-mod single-coil pickups and treble-bleed circuit just like the Stratocaster version but the American Pro Telecaster also has a American Professional Telecaster Deluxe model which has Shawbucker humbucker pickups for those extra chunky tones. These new Noiseless pickups do a better job of getting rid of any unwanted noise. After a dispute with Gretsch, Fender rechristened its new guitar the Telecaster in 1952 and it's been in … ALL-NEW 4TH GENERATION NOISELESS PICKUPS Combining vintage style with modern feel and performance, the redesigned “ashtray” cover stays out of your way, even when palm-muting. Leo Fender and his team in Fullerton, California, began work on the guitar that would become the Telecaster back in 1949. First off, the Special comes supplied with a padded gigbag whereas both the Pro and Elite come with quality hardcases. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-735 vs CLP-745: What’s The Difference? Fender’s American Elite Telecaster is a bold update from traditional Teles. Fender is guided by one clear, simple directive: make life better for musicians. Furthermore they’ve got a treble bleed circuit which helps retain those higher frequencies when you roll down the volume. $1,329.99. It’s also got the treble bleed circuit, upgraded hardcase, the new Deep C neck profile, and the narrow tall frets. These guitars are modern-feeling and -sounding, with the right amount of Fender’s heritage and specifications preserved within the shell of an instrument that exudes precision, reliability and comfort. It’s got brass barrel saddles which … Despite their differences, the Fender American Special, Professional and Elite Strats will all give you that much-loved sound, and provide you with years and years of enjoyment! It was introduced in 1950 and renamed the Broadcaster shortly after… Mystic black Tele. For 2016, … This ash semi-hollow is a serious callback to the thinline … At $1,399, the Professional’s price is about average for a U.S.-made Fender Strat—costlier than the American Standard (which the Professional replaces) and American Special instruments, but not as expensive as high-end American Elite and … Fender American Elite... Amazon. LOCKING TUNING MACHINES WITH ALL SHORT POSTS If you’re currently shopping for a top-level American-made Telecaster, the American Professionals are certainly worth a look. The American Special Strat has got a Greasebucket tone circuit which allows you to roll off the highs without adding extra bass frequencies. When I say more expensive, we're talking over $500 more. When the Fender Telecaster was born, Elvis Presley was a schoolboy; rationing was still a reality in post-war Britain; and the Queen's old man, King George VI, was on the throne. Taylor Days Sale – Free Baby Taylor & 36 Months 0% Finance Available! Fender MIA Telecaster. By the following year, a single pickup version called the Esquire was launched. This range replaced the American Deluxe series back in 2016, and has now had a name change, plus some altered features with it, although it remains the most modern series – or “advanced”, as Fender prefers to call it – in Fender’s production ranges, as with the previous Elite and Deluxe.
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