In blender, pluse and mince the shallots without adding water to coarse paste form. I’m from kottayam, settled in mumbai & presently moved to Dubai since last 4 months.Wheneevr i visit kerala, i make sure to have this dish. 3. In a mixing bowl, combine the salt, turmeric powder, and fish masala, mix this well. It is also referred to as Red Fish Curry for it is cooked in red chillies and spices with a kick of coccum. How to make Meen Vevichathu – Kottayam Style Fish Curry – Spicy Fish Curry : 1. Look at this one now. 2. Kottayam Fish Curry. And this dish is a very fine example of that wonderful cuisine that we hear so much of. The flavorful fish with coconut and tamarind gravy is perfect with some white rice and is sure to transport you to the place. Kerala Fish Curry or Kottayam Fish curry is the most popular and easiest fish curries from Kerala. There are many varieties of fish curries in Kerala and this one is my favorite. thanx a ton dear. To begin making the Meen Vevichathu Recipe, wash and clean the fish well and drain off the excess water. Kottayam is a region in State of Kerala, land of the Gods! Happy i got the recipe at last from the right source. How to make Meen Vevichathu Recipe - Kottayam Style Fish Curry . Kerala is divided when it comes to food. Reply Soak the cambogia /fish tamarind (kudampuli) pieces in 1/2 cup warm water for 10 mins. Hi Maria, superb recipe, have been waiting for kottayam fish curry recipe since ages.
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