Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. -- Marcel Duchamp . Marcel Duchamp Art Quotes. More Marcel Duchamp Quotes. Since the tubes of paint used by the artist are manufactured and ready-made products, we must conclude that all the paintings in the world are 'ready-mades aided' and also works of assemblage. Too many critics share the same opinions, bright … “I force myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.”, “All this twaddle, the existence of God, atheism, determinism, liberation, societies, death, etc., are pieces of a chess game called language, and they are amusing only if one does not preoccupy oneself with 'winning or losing this game of chess.”, “As soon as we start putting our thoughts into words and sentences everything gets distorted, language is just no damn good—I use it because I have to, but I don’t put any trust in it. Popularity: “I don't believe in art. — 'Marcel Duchamps 1887 – 1968'’, Artforum 7 no. One is a painter because one wants so-called freedom; one doesn't want to go to the office every morning. Marcel Duchamp - From the Standards category: - The Creative Act, Art News, 1957... Art may be bad, good or indifferent, but, whatever adjective is used, we must call it art, and bad art is still art in the same way as a bad emotion is still an emotion. Nu descendant un escalier - Marcel Duchamp, 1912 (conservé au Philadelphia Museum of Art) by Marcel DuchampThe Cinémathèque française. It cannot be commercialized. I was interested in introducing the precise and exact aspect of science, which hadn't often been done, or at least hadn't been talked about very much. It cannot be commercialized. There was an incident, in 1912, which 'gave me a turn,' so to speak: when I brought the 'Nude Descending a Staircase' to the Independants, and they asked me to withdraw it before the opening. Art is the only way to run away without leaving home. Each … “I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.” -- Marcel … Robert Berman Gallery. I haven't been in the Louvre for twenty years. Photography Quotations by masters of photography - Quotes by photographers and amateurs.Marcel Duchamp. Like. Words such as truth, art, veracity, or anything are stupid in themselves. The artist performs only one part of the creative process. Share. When the pictures were made, Babitz was a 20-year-old student at Los Angeles Community College. What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. This may come from my general philosophy of never taking the world too seriously - for fear of dying of boredom. The same can be said of art. To find a point of indifference in my looking at it, you see”, “I am still a victim of chess. Alchemy is a kind of philosophy: a kind of thinking that leads to a way of understanding. This is, moreover, what explains the fortunate fantasy of history. To celebrate the centennial of one of the greatestand most amusingcontroversies in the history of modern art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is presenting an exhibition on Marcel Duchamps legendary readymade, Fountain. It's not what you see that is art; art is the gap. Title of Duchamp's Mona Lisa with moustache (1919). Even if they don't believe in that, it gets in their system. I wanted to use my possibility to be an individual, and I suppose I have, no? In France, in Europe, the young artists of any generation always act as grandsons of some great man - Poussin, for example, or Victor Hugo. It doesn't interest me because I have these doubts about the value of the judgments which decided that all these pictures should be presented to the Louvre instead of others which weren't even considered. There is something like an explosion in the meaning of certain words: they have a greater value than their meaning in the dictionary. I wanted to kill art for myself… …a new thought for that object. I am still a victim of chess. It has all the beauty of art - and much more. It seems to be a reaction against photography, but I'm not sure. I am afraid to end up being in need to sell canvases - in other words, to be a society painter. What would I do with money? ”, “What I have in mind is that art may be bad, good or indifferent, but, whatever adjective is used, we must call it art, and bad art is still art in the same way that a bad emotion is still an emotion.”, “There is no solution because there is no problem.”, “The most interesting thing about artists is how they live”, “Possible reality [is obtained] by slightly bending physical and chemical laws.”, “All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone.. the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”, “Since a three-dimensional object casts a two-dimensional shadow, we should be able to imagine the unknown four-dimensional object whose shadow we are. The word 'art' interests me very much. Personal taste decides that this is a beautiful object and is unique. Instead of that, you should wait for fifty years or a hundred years for your true public.
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