I never really heard about this before but I need one after reading about this machine. Do you happen to have a link to a video that shows someone actually on the machine? Power Plate my3 Vibration Trainer 71-MY3-3100 The design is compact. Thanks for sharing! How would recommend I slot power plating into my routine in terms of frequency and duration? The idea intrigues me that you could stand on a machine and let the pounds just fall off. We have designed a set … Thanks. I believe that a proper workout like HIIT is the best way to lose weight or for any health target. “For serious athletes, workouts on the Power Plate® machines enhance the results of conventional training and explosive strength training, as well as serve athletes and trainers alike to speed recovery and regeneration times. Most gyms have them now days, well worth a try. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Power plates make it easy and accessible for people who are over weight and unaccustomed to exercise to safely lose weight with out causing damage to joints, infact, the power plate will help with bone density so not only are the individuals who use power plates lose weight as research shown they can potential avoid bone and joint disease. I look forward to more in the near future. Hi Brenna, just standing on it wont do a lot, for example if your wanted to target your thighs then you would perform a squat on it or a lunge and hold your self static for 15-20 seconds if you was to buy a power plate they usually come with a workout instructions. I live in an upstairs apartment and have avoided getting a treadmill and other exercise equipment because I don’t want my downstairs neighbor to have to deal with the noise. Great post on this particular power plate. Ordered power plate and was advised Power Plate would arrive in two week. The Power Plate My3 is the entry level machine in Power Plate’s lineup and has a small footprint of just 25 inches x 29 x 60. But almost all of these had serious methodological issues as shown below: Helps with skin elasticity giving a smoother more toned appearance. My grandfather in Germany had one of these. Most gyms have power plates now as it encourages a more of a varity of people to come and join up, ask one of the trainers to show you how its done. Most compact portable triplanar machine on the market. Power Plate are the only company who are actively running courses and workshops consistently. All the state of the art rehabs have a power plate! Of course, this is just my opinion without the backup of a reliable research. Vibration from the plate makes muscles contract at a high rate, in turn, brings a whole range of benefits to your health. The Power Plate® my3™ model is a compact solution for bringing whole body vibration training exercise into your home. So I do get sore and this would be perfect to relax sore muscles to reduce the pain in the days after. Called Power Plate directly and they graciously sent another instruction/exercise booklet. Power Plate my3 . Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Power Plate MY3 at Amazon.com. Slightly worn but unused and in excellent condition. It supports a user weight of 120 kg (264 lbs) and has a frequency range of 35hz. Power Plate my3 Vibration Training Machine (Black): Amazon.sg: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. Love these machines. Lol, Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2008. As seen on The Tyra Banks Show and The Doctors TV Show. Add to Trolley. The power Plate operates diffrently to exercise as it wont get your heart in a high intensity state so cardio wont be affected to its fullest capabilities but power plates do offer benefits that conventional exercise dont. Thanks for sharing your view! I probably wouldn’t use them in a flat unless I didn’t like my neighbours, ask an instructor at the gym to show you how. Expect improvement in blood circulation virtually straight away. Power Plate My7. Share. This equipment seems like a perfect fit for someone needing low impact exercise. Review Subject Required. The “in the box” content consists of a user manual, and training guide. The Power Plate my3 delivers a frequency of 35Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule. Are they also popular in the USA? If you have a small living space or simply do not want a machine taking up too much room, then this model is for you. Our buying guide shall provide you with detailed product reviews on the top-rate eco power plate outlets trending in the market these days. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2009. Can you recommend an entry level power plate machine that’s effective but inexpensive. Stretching is known to help with a bad back especially if your hamstrings are tight. Power plate my3 acceleration Fitness Equipment in Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear on Bizrate.co.uk: Compare prices on Power plate my3 acceleration Fitness Equipment from hundreds of stores and buy from Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear stores, rated and certified by consumers using the Bizrate.co.uk store rating scheme. I use it every day for 10 min. Power Plate is a well-known brand in the whole body vibration in more than two decades. 283 See Review. I’m wondering what to do on the power machine – do you just stand on it and it shakes you? and is a metallic silver colour. I put the power plate on a wooden floor and it shook my house like an earthquake. Is you body sore after using it? There is a great synergy between power plates and exercise if done right, and like you said for special tyoppes of people such as obese and elderly who just arnt quite at the level required power plate is awsome. The Power Plate® my3™ model is a compact solution for bringing whole body vibration training exercise into your home. I think a lot of money is wasted on new products that claim to give you this and that, but many of them are over-hyped. Personal Power Plate. Well I learned some very interesting stuff here today. Several years my daughter was trampled by her horse ad she wound up with severe muscle damage. Do you think the price will go down any time soon? This caused another two weeks delivery, and the cost had already been posted on my credit card. You may find a whole-body vibration machine at a local gym, or you can buy one for home use. Vibrogym Professional. Thanks for sharing. Posted at 09:23h in At Home Fitness, Fitness Equipment Buying Tips by Aaron Dorksen 0 Comments. Yes they have come a long way since the days past, I would recommend trying one if you never used one before try your local gym they usually have them in . Will definitely help with my next purchase. A lot got cleared up as to what power plate really is. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Axis Plate Vibration Machine is a more popular vibration platform machine, based on its 300+ reviews. using one feels quite odd initially and but it seems to be one of the quickest ways to tone up muscle for a trimmer silhouette. This power plate is very house friendly and can fit into a corner nicely. I don’t think I would use it myself, but I do think it would be good for someone who is obese as it would make it easy for them to get moving a bit. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Delivering a whole body workout but with a conveniently small footprint, it's the one piece of fitness equipment ideally placed in any home, whatever the size. I really wonder however whether this causes adverse health effects as surely the body is not set up to handle 25-50 muscle contractions per second? Thanks for a great article on power plates. Thank you for the great review. You could try a bosu ball or even do lunges on a cushion. Very interesting. It's in the top 3 bestselling vibration platform machines and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Hypervibe G17 or VibePlate VibeStretch.. Power Plate My5 is $3615.10 more expensive than the average vibration platform machine ($279.99). If you combine Pilates with power plate you will get some great results in fact doing pilates on the power plate is even better. I think I could use all the benefits that you listed above. For all the benefits it offers it represents great value for money and that’s why I choose the power plate my3. Some people swear by them and others loathe them. This machine looks like it would have benefits for both ends of the physical spectrum i.e. There is one at my gym, too. Looks like grandma might be getting a Power Plate My3 for Christmas. The Power Plate Power Shield eliminates virtually all downward vibrations and minimises noise to neighbouring rooms. I never knew much about them from the past and these newer and enhanced versions are certainly much more sophisticated in comparison to the older ones. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Power Plate My3 Vibration Trainer, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. It has helped with scholiosis too. Thanks for sharing. Compatible with these Power Plate machines: my3, my5 Vibration Machines Review : power plate my3, Frequency 30, Power plate my5, Frequency 50 Reviews and comparisons: Vibration Machines! Science is a bit thin on the ground regarding any adverse side affects, none is known as of yet I believe there are theories and rumours but at present that’s all they are. How long do you recommend someone using it each day? Transform your fitness from the comfort of your own home with the Power Plate my3 Vibration Platform.Power Plate is the elite fitness and recovery equipment that maximizes your physical potential faster and more efficiently. I seriously have a huge belly fat problem and I’d love to try this. I also liked where you said its good after a workout to help ward off the aches and pains for the next couple of days and to improve flexibility. They do activate the core like a swiss ball but not quite the same. It does make some noise so you would be better off with a crosstrainer or a rowing machine thes will both give you a better workout and make a lot less noise. Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2009. But this tones your whole body just by standing on it? The compact size of the My3 is perfect for small spaces as the machine does not take up much room. 252 See Review. Power Plate Pro5. Steven, thank you very much for this extensive review, I use it opposite to you while in gym on the beginning of my workout, findind this machine to be a very useful to make the whole body to feel great, Yes its great either way and comes down to personal preference, because I don’t have a great deal of time at the gym I use it to cool down and stretch. Located in … Perhaps there is good synergy between the Power Plate and exercise.Do you think that gyms will start to promote the use of the Power Plate along with traditional exercise? You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Welcome To Power Plate My3 review. The My3 from Power Plate offers the most economic version of the Power Plate home models but still includes a column and a screen for ease of use. Great Review! Is there any other power plates that are a bit cheaper but just as effective? Active release was awesome with the right therapist, some therapist not as good as others. It also seems great for those unable to work out strenuously (ie elderly). I use it post work out just to get a deeper stretch and to reduce lactic acid there for less soreness, it can be used as only form of exercise but for best results to combine it with other types of training, obviously for some people that isnt possible and thats where a power plate has its usfulnes. Power Plate My5 is $3595.10 more expensive than the average vibration platform machine ($299.99). Dampening Mat ($57 value) – Helps dampen the vibrations or adjust the intensity of your workouts. You can read carefully reviews from customers to find out more from their experience. Have seen similar machines advertised on local TV and wondered how the user would ever get an adequate exercise workout as he/she just seems to stand on the machine and do nothing at all while the base plate is vibrating! Buyer Satisfaction. Power Plate is considered by many to be the best vibration plate brand and rightfully so. http://bit.ly/CPsubscribe Follow me here! It certainly was its ancestor Robin, they have come along way since them days but still work on the same principle. Like most people, I hate using treadmills, and using something like the Power Plate, could help me to achieve shed the extra pounds without having to spend hours running on a treadmill. (Comes with the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models). The benefits of the power plate are numerous, I have compiled best benefits below. Power Plate My 3. Product Manual Download . I hope the gym which i use to go for will add power plates! Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol. Please note there is an added 3 - 5 day lead on this product. I had actually seen the power plate before but have never used one. Power Plate My-3 Silver NEAR NEW CONDITION. For instance, some company’s make it sound like power plating is all you need to become fit healthy and happy, it certainly will help but for cardio health not so sure. We previously tried the MY3, MY5, and the Pro5 at a local Fitness Town, but since that was awhile back, we decided to pay another visit to the store to … I get regular massages…could the power plate be used instead or would you recommend a combination of both? These are the setups you’ll find in commercial environments and used by medical professionals. We are STRONG believers in the power plate! Very cool workout machine. I must really be out of the loop because I have never heard of these machines. My quick question is how much calories can one burn just standing on one of those machines? I feel like this is a very helpful website for belly fat and easy to understand. Also, power plates were clunky and in all honesty not very good. 185 See Review. Otherwise, great review. SKU: powerplatemy3 UPC: Weight: 150.00 LBS. and love it. Sorry to hear that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, you didnt disclose what the not so physical was but if its depression check this out, This looks really good machine to have in the home, is it noisey would it be best to have it upstairs or downstairs. Hey great post. It is a lazy person tool. I have spent a lot of money on massages and was looking for an alternative. Product Manual Download. Power Plate are the only company who are actively running courses and workshops consistently. Power Plate My5 is a well-known option at the top of the price range. I honestly didn’t realize this type of machine still existed – lol! I am unable to use it because I'm afraid it will compromise the integrity of my house structure with the intensity of the vibration. I am certainly no expert in the field that is only my personal opinion. This is a great review on a product I can probably get for my grandmother. They are unusual and do believe but cant confirm they was inspired by the old belt type machine, probably was though. Seems like a cool alternative to usual exercising. For the price point of $2,600 or below, the Power Plate My3 is a good option, but we feel consumers can do better. The do feel a bit odd there teeth chattering, just make sure to keep your mouth closed. However, using them offer some amazing benefits. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Rating Required. Thanks for taking the time to read it, I always knew the benefits of power plates but never new any research backing it up until I started researching it. Thus, no long-term research has been done to the impact of sending vibrations through our body. On the other side of the spectrum are the folks who never use them as they think there pointless and do nothing for you. Steven. It is good for people such as your self who from running have buggered there joints its hard to put a specific number on calories as its similar to weight training it is suggested that you can burn between 500-700 per hour but in reality your not going to use for an hour and it seems you burn more calories after you stop exerercising (after burn). For me, this is one machine I would like to take for a test drive sort of speak. Different from the older machines that people use to use in the past with all the technology of today that has changed them to what you see now. You are going to need to use it consistently and properly, what I mean by “properly” is you have to know what techniques to use. Now, you have slick designs and many features with the aim to lose weight and other health benefits. Used, Power Plate My-3 Silver NEAR MINT CONDITION . Running for long periods on treadmills isn’t as beneficial as once thought have a look at this and tell me what you think High intensity Training Workouts. In fact, many celebrities endorse power plates. I bought this for my elderly mother. Many people tend to usae the power plate after a workout, it helps eliminate lactic acid, lactic acid is what makes you burn during exercise so it speeds up recovery time. Power Plate have excellent online resources, including many video workouts and tips. Plus, you get the Mercola Vitality Pack entirely free… Support Cushion ($199 value) - Enhances your self-massage therapy sessions and provides stable cushioning for reclining exercises. Easy-to-use and offering low or high amplitude, the Power Plate My3 offers a variety of workouts to any user. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. power plate my3, only used 4 times, full working order with base plate and exercise straps. Downloading & Viewing Product Manuals (PDF's) Click on download button to view the product manual or right click on the button and select "Save Target As" to save the PDF files to your computer. Go to cheap though and you run the risk of buying twice. This power plate my3 is different than anything else I have seen. Personal Power Plate. Wonderful info you have here, thanks for sharing! The Power Plate my3 delivers a frequency of 35Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule. Hi Steven! Share. That being said if it can help people who cannot exercise due to physical problems and really benefits them, then that is wonderful. Power Plate My7 Review. Good technology, shakes like an earthquake, Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2019. However I honestly believe there is a place for power plates in every training routine, the only real flaw is its never going to get you fit like HIIT can. As someone who suffers from freezing in my joints in my legs, i think it would be great as i need to keep them moving. Write a Review Write a Review. Nice review. I battle being over weight due to physical and not so physical medical issues and your review helped me decide whether this product would be of use to me in my current situation. I'm at the Power Plate Academy with LA Muscle TV Subscribe for health and fitness videos, with much more to come! The power plates are not for everyone but they certainly have their place in the fitness industry and you are right about there is a lot of come and go products out there but power plates are definitely here to stay. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. But I’m embarrassed to say that even after watching the video, I’m not sure how it actually works. This could assist in reducing weight loss, however as you mentioned for those wanting to use the power plate to assist in getting fit, exercising other areas of the body, in addition to using the power plate is required. My company is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own. 101 See Review. I actually have never heard of this gadget before. Check with your physician Kevin as it seems like he is giving you light stimulus and this machine may be too intense for you at the moment. Yet despite its small size of 25 x17 inches, the plate still gives you provides you adequate space to work out on. It’s easy to use, and in as little as three quick workouts per week, you can become the best possible you. It’s easy to use, and in as little as three quick workouts per week, you can become the best possible you. I was in a car accident years ago and have back pain from this still. We are STRONG believers in the power plate! For the price point of $2,600 or below, the Power Plate My3 is a good option, but we feel consumers can do better. Power Plate my3 Vibration Training Machine Review Recently heard about this type of exercise for the first time. For example, It has a high and low vibration with different wave pulses to test your workouts. The results are huge. Will have to look more into it. I personally use many of these products & services and recommend only the very best. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. 0 Likes. As some who could loose a few pounds but can’t really run, due to bad knees from football as a teenager, I think this could be quite valuable with it’s low impact aspects. Very detailed description, very well arranged. Yes some people will have you believing power plates are going to get you super fit this isnt true they help but you have to think about your heart health as well. Furthermore, it also includes a column and a digital screen for user … PrecisionWave™ technology: High-fidelity harmonic vibration system for uncompromising performance It works miracles! Just some food for thought. Add to wishlist. I also think this would be a great machine for people with health problems that can’t do a more strenuous workout. While I can’t afford a piece of kit like that myself, I would certainly be interested in trying it at a gym. Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2019. 0 Likes. 1; 2; Get Educated. Was this the Power Plate’s ancestor? (Comes with the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models). Power Plate Pulse (62PG-900-03) is a hot new release compact, portable and very quiet rechargeable handheld massager with up to 4 hours of battery life and six massage attachments. If one thinks that they will be ok just doing this, they should see your review. I never knew that power plates had so much potential and its good to see that they are easy on the joints! When it comes to the crème de la crème of vibration training machines, the Power Plate® My7™ Vibration Machine has to be near the top of any reviewer’s list of home gym models. I’m also trying to be more active and to lose some weight as I have a desk job and sitting all day did slow down my metabolism. 324 See Review. Regarding doing your cardio workouts use the power plate after your session to help promote recovery as expel the lactic acid out of your muscles. But you use it for post workout. I thought it was just a bunch of hogwash….my grandfather was quite heavy. She has to stretch everyday to keep her muscles flexible. There are a few floors to the power plate my3. A WBV review site would never be complete until it contains the popular home use WBV machine from Power Plate. (Comes with the Power Plate my3, my5, my7, and pro5 models). Power Plate My3 Review. Do you have the power plate yourself or does a local gym you go to has it? I do remember the old machines! Very interesting machine and a way to get in shape. I Although I am very dedicated to extremely hard, intense workouts, I have never heard of Power Plate. This machine looks handy and doesn’t take up much space, which I really like. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. My brother in law has Parkinson’s Disease and this would be great for him. Should definitely give it a go you will be surprised at how good they are. She loves it and it really helps with her quality of life. See details and exclusions - Power Plate My3 Vibration Training Plate * Retails for £1795 ! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Power Plate My5 is a well-known option at the top of the price range. I am still exploring the many ways to strengthen my body. It really has got a place in the weight loss world, a lot of people don’t understand how powerful these power plates are when it comes to weight loss and health. Product Manual Download . Hi Steve, I like your information and advice about belly fat and your reviews about the things that could help people. The Power Plate my3 delivers a frequency of 35Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule. She gets so upset. However, for losing weight and toning it’s proven to be very successful. Horrible teeth chattering experience. Good informative article. With a set frequency of 35Hz and 30 or 60 second timer selections, this easy-to-use machine offers the opportunity for big transformation. Like everything, it only works if you use it, though! The power Plate is quite interesting. We recently purchased the my3 for a nephew who was just diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and the power plate is amazing on lengthening muscles. I am an affiliate that receives compensation from the companies whose products & services I recommend. See Review. It works miracles! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Power Plate 71-My3-3100 My3 harmonic whole body vibration fitness training machine Silver at Amazon.com. During this case study with overweight and obese patients, visceral fat was dramatically reduced, and another research has shown that vibration training is a powerful tool in rehabilitation. Wow, the machine looks not too heavy and would be really useful for those who want to lose belly fat. Power Plate My3. But for a rainy day, this may be worth it. And this product doesn’t seem too heavy as well. The Power Plate My3 is a user friendly vibration machine that is economical and will fit just about anywhere in your home. It can be used for a variety of people which is great especially for people who cant engage in strenuous physical activity. The device is perfect for use in apartments, offices, on upper levels of buildings or on wooden flooring. Interesting, I didn’t know any of those vibrating exercise equipment had any scientific basis backing them up. Power Plate My3 Vibration educator review This engine is the smallest out of the whole Power Plate range. Whoever says they dont work or are hype are full of shiitake mushrooms! Most of the buyer reviews say that the Power Plate MY3 are excellent product. Take care. The power plate my3 comes packed with options. It is a fun machine. We highly believe in the power plate and it has made all the difference in the world in her stretching routine. When I move out, Into a bigger property I am seriously considering getting this. Would you recommend something else for me? Overall power plates are effective for all levels but be aware that due to its nature of vibrating at high rates, going cheap will cost you in the long run with new parts or a new machine. The Power Plate My3 Vibration Training Machine is the most economical home model Power Plate has to offer. I live in a flat so do you think these would be suitable or would the noise be too much downstairs? They're a blessing for people like me with busy schedules. Will this machine cause problems for people with back injuries? http://bit.ly/CPsubscribe Follow me here! Thank you for the info! I might revise my opinion now and at least look into it. Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2012, Ok, so took my first 20 minute class on a power plate doing a series of squats and arm exercises together and switching to planks and push ups....let me tell you....these things work! The doctor advised her to lose a few pounds; but because she’s 81, it can be a bit painful for her so she prefers to not exercise at all. Power Plate MY3 is great for people such as yourself who prefer the less exhaustive approach, Your email address will not be published. Read more. play a part in making the right decision for buying equipment. Hey, this looks really good. Skip to main content.sg. In general, vibration plates had one setting. I did it the old fashioned way cutting calories and exersise. my3 power plate . This review was well written and a clear breakdown of the features and associated benefits have left me feeling that Im going to have to think carefully about using equipment at some point in the foreseable future. She swears by the power plate. Love the website that you have presented to the world. Guess I still have to keep walking to keep the cardio up, but I don’t mind. Power Plate enhances any movement, simple or complex, typically performed on the ground. Review Power Plate MY3 Discount Power Plate MY3 Power Plate MY3. Vmax Pulser 2. Fat belly is such a worry to some people. Most notably, Power Plate My3 has a super user-friendly interface. I have seen people use these at the gym, but I have never really known what they were till now. A WBV review site would never be complete until it contains the popular home use WBV system from Power Plate. I find it very interesting though. Save £30.00. Create New Wish List; Description; Description. Power plates have been around now for quite a few years. The Power Plate my3 delivers a frequency of 35Hz and 30- or 60-second time selections to provide effective workouts and exercises on any schedule.
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