Mar 15, 2017 - Explore Cynthia Zepeda's board "purple sweet potatoes", followed by 342 people on Pinterest. There are no products listed under this category. What's the Difference Between Turnips and Rutabagas? Though some varieties have white skin, cutting one open will reveal their violet-colored surprise. Get it free when you sign up for our newsletter. Look for it in the fall and winter. However, incorporating antioxidant-rich foods in your diet can help to reduce your risk of certain cancers. The origin of purple sweet potato traces back to South America, but because it is such a robust farming crop, its production has … Japanese Purple Sweet Potato (1 LB)Excellent yields and flavor. Purple sweet potato skins are edible, though some recipes recommend peeling them first. Purple potatoes are the brilliantly-colored cousins to the classic brown Russet potato. Purple sweet potatoes will last between one to two weeks when stored in a cool, dry place — one that's warmer than the fridge temperature and cooler than room temperature. However, research has revealed that purple sweet potatoes have 3.2 times more antioxidant activity than blueberries. Purple sweet potato is a functional vegetable that is rich in antioxidants that can help prevent the development and spread of cancer cells. The difference in color is explained by the presence of anthocyanins and antioxidants that give the flesh its purple color . Purple sweet potatoes have a unique flavor all their own and before finding this recipe I only liked them boiled and mashed with butter. Purple sweet potatoes get their striking interior color from the same source as blueberries, the antioxidant anthocyanin. Fresh Purple Sweet Potatoes-2LBS. Top the pie with a cloud of whipped cream and a sprinkling of toasted coconut flakes for a pretty presentation. If you're going to use this sweet potato in baked goods, you do need to be cautious about recipes that include baking soda. In an article for the LA Times, it is believed that Stokes Purple is possibly a variety that was introduced by Japanese sweet potato breeders who had a number of purple varieties already in the marketplace. Find out about proven ways to lose belly fat and why walking is a great way to lose weight. Packed with antioxidants, with a rich, comforting flavour. Purple potatoes cook much like regular potatoes, since you can boil, mash, bake, or roast them. The variety was unidentified and Mike began propagating it. In mice and rats, purple sweet potato extract supplementation for 4 to 16 weeks reduced both total body weight and body fat after being fed a high-fat diet [27, 28]. First, the high fiber content of sweet potato helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. If you love perogies and are looking for potluck ideas, you will love this gluten-free perogy/pierogi potato salad recipe. A small study involving healthy men found that consuming purple sweet potato leaves for 7 days increased the levels of antioxidants and inhibited the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. A brief look at the antioxidant content of purple sweet potato shows just how healthy it is. Purple sweet potatoes can supply vitamin C needed by the body because in the sweet potatoes can meet up to 66% of our daily vitamin C requirement. Sweet potatoes were first introduced to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period (1521-1598) via the Manila galleons, along with other New World crops. Updated March 30, 2020 There is no doubt that purple sweet potatoes have gained popularity—just open the pages of Eating Well, Martha Stewart Living, The Washington Post and O, The Oprah Magazine. Avoid bruising these potatoes as the slightest damage can cause the entire sweet potato to go bad. Click here to check out how I use the wonton wrappers to make … Learn about what foods you should include, The Ultimate Guide to Different Kinds of Potatoes, Proven Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods Based on Scientific Studies, The Most Amazing Health Benefits of Purple Rice (Science Based). Although regular sweet potatoes are a healthy food, purple sweet potatoes may be even better for you. In one study involving mice, scientists noted the benefits of purple sweet potato because its anthocyanins killed off free radicals in the body. For example, one study involving mice found that supplements containing purple sweet potato helped to prevent weight gain and fat accumulation. One laboratory trial found that purple sweet potato anthocyanins can help prevent colorectal cancer by killing off malignant cells. Like a cross between pudding and sweet soup, this tapioca is wonderful both hot and cold. (5), Would it be possible to class purple sweet potatoes among the superfoods? In 2003, he was awarded these purple sweet potatoes as a prize at the state fair. They can be found across North America at an Asian or Chinese market, and even at some regular grocery store chains. May 23, 2016 - Purple Sweet Potatoes, Purple Yams, Purple Okinawan Yams, Ube, Purple Potatoes. October 10, 2018. Research into the benefits of purple sweet potato shows that they have more antioxidants than red cabbage, elderberries, or grape skins. TASTE – Not very sweet, and pretty dry inside. Just keep in mind the extended cooking time when using them as a substitute. Purple potatoes, sometimes referred to as blue potatoes, are a type of potato which are native to South America. You will also find out recipes on the best way of enjoying this colorful root vegetable. As well as including more purple sweet potato in your diet for its hypotensive effect, learn about more ways to lower blood pressure fast. The reason for the improvement in digestive health was due to the fact that purple sweet potato has prebiotic qualities which act as “food” for healthy gut bacteria (probiotics). They have little to no fat, 1.3 grams of fiber, 1.4 grams of protein, and only 12 grams of carbs. Sweet potato, purple skin white flesh, peeled, cut into pieces, boiled for 8 min. 2.9 out of 5 stars 26. There are a number of beneficial foods that can help to prevent the visible signs of aging. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. Good question(s). Because sweet potato anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants, the purple root vegetable can help to delay aging. Drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat. This Sorrel & Duck-Fat Fried Purple Potato Breakfast pizza is the perfect way to start the morning. This is how to bake a whole purple sweet potato: You can also get all the benefits from sweet purple potatoes by making a delicious and nutritious soup. Suncore Foods® Purple Sweet Potato Supercolor Powder is perfect for mixing into your favorite yogurts, smoothies, desserts, and baked goods. And you're left with beautiful purple dumplings. Besides being an attractive side dish, purple potatoes are also healthier than the typical potato: they’re … And they're healthy, and look at all these fabulous recipes and cooking ideas!. The biggest difference between the two varieties is that the Stokes version has a light lavender skin and bright lavender flesh, while the Okinawan has a creamy-white skin with deep purple flesh. Purple sweet potato extracts have the potential to enhance memory function and positively affect the brain. If you don't know what 2 lbs of potatoes look like I … Purple potatoes were first transported to Europe in the 1500s, when Spanish sailors realized they could be used to cure scurvy (due to their high vitamin C content).. (16), Consuming purple sweet potato leaves can also help protect your liver’s health. It was introduced to the Fujian province of China in about 1594 from Luzon, in response to a major crop failure.The growing of sweet potatoes was encouraged by the Governor Chin Hsüeh-tseng (Jin Xuezeng). Gently fry 1 chopped onion and 3 crushed garlic cloves in a large pot until softened. October 10, 2018. If you are recovering from a bout of gastroenteritis (stomach flu), you could add purple sweet potato to a bland diet to help recover quicker from a stomach bug. They're not as easy to find as regular sweet potatoes and are more of a specialty item, so they will cost a little more. The most common varieties are purple peruvian, purple viking, and purple majesty potatoes. Sweet potatoes with purple flesh are from the same family as regular sweet potatoes. Once the dumplings are cooked, the wrapper becomes translucent and the beautiful purple color shows through. Order from Riverford for free home delivery. According to the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, extracts from purple sweet potato help to reduce tissue scarring on the liver. What do purple sweet potatoes taste like? Sweet potato, purple skin white flesh, peeled, cut into pieces, boiled for 8 min. Of course, if you want to lose weight, you need to do more than just eat purple sweet potatoes. You will need to bake them anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours at 350 F to make them pleasingly moist. Purple sweet potatoes can be good for you if you suffer from gout because they help to lower uric acid. The presence of a minimum of 3-5 grams of fat in the meal enables us to absorb more beta-carotene from sweet potatoes. For more details, see our, Susanne Alfredsson / EyeEm / Getty Images, How to Tell the Difference Between Sweet Potatoes and Yams. Learn about what else you can eat to improve your memory, concentration, and focus. SKIN – Deep purple. You should also increase the number of foods in your diet that help to improve liver health. The journal Food & Function reported that anthocyanins in purple sweet potato can reduce uric acid. Anthocyanins from purple sweet potato showed higher levels of activity than ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Purple sweet potatoes require little maintenance other than watering and pest control. Compounds in purple sweet potato have a beneficial effect on your liver and can help prevent liver injury. Okinawan Sweet Potato Purple sweet potato is common in Japan and Okinawa where it is used in many sweet and savory dishes. Combining the two ingredients may turn the potato's flesh green. The Stokes Purple® sweet potato hails from North Carolina. health benefits of Purple Sweet Potatoes. The sweet potato or sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvulaceae.Its large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable. That is all you need. (22), The journal Oncology Reports published results of a study showing that purple sweet potato can help improve the outcomes of treatment for bladder cancer. (7). Your email address will not be published. You can include purple sweet potato in recipes just as you would cook regular sweet potatoes. Tapioca, purple sweet potatoes, and coconut milk come together in this vibrant dessert. Popular in some Asian and Latin cuisines, they add a brilliant pop of color to food and require just a few adaptations to cook. Purple sweet potatoes have 2.5 times more antioxidants (anthocyanins) than their orange-fleshed counterparts. Purple sweet potatoes are root vegetables. (1). Roasting purple sweet potatoes is a great way to serve them. 90 ($8.98/Pound) FREE Shipping. Navigate. But keep in mind that they have a shorter lifespan than regular potatoes. Don't forget the salty peanut topping ^_^ Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato Tapioca Purple Sweet Potato Tapioca . Low calorie; Purple or yellow sweet potatoes that have 112 calories without fat and cholesterol, also a small amount of sodium. The Ultimate Purple Sweet Potato Guide. All the varieties described below are technically sweet potatoes, though they’re often called yams. Researchers noted a higher concentration of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics after ingesting purple sweet potato. The thing that sets purple sweet potatoes apart when it comes to their nutritional value is that they are packed with antioxidants. Thoroughly wash and dry the sweet potato with its skin still on. Purple sweet potatoes are very dense. The two are commonly confused and mislabeled at the market, so most people in the U.S. have never eaten an actual yam (native to Africa). Purple Sweet Potatoes. The subjects consumed 250 ml of purple sweet potato juice every day for 4 weeks. There are actually a few different varieties of purple sweet potatoes that differ significantly in texture, taste and color. The journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences reported that sweet potato is among the foods that don’t provoke symptoms of digestive conditions such as gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying). Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes; Benefits of Java Plum Purple Potatoes Nutrient . Your email address will not be published. (7), Other studies have found that purple sweet potato with a high anthocyanin content had a positive effect in lowering hypertension. Researchers have found that anthocyanins from purple-fleshed sweet potatoes reduce inflammation that affects cognitive performance. They tend to be on a smaller side, not often too much larger than an oblong golf ball. Okinawan sweet potatoes enjoy a year-round season while the Stokes Purple variety is typically available from September through June. When cooking, purple sweet potatoes will take longer than regular sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potato contains antioxidants that are good for your heart, digestion, cognitive function, and liver health. Serving Size: 1 cup (150g) Calories: 116; Fat: 0.14g; Carbohydrates: 26g (3.2g fiber) Protein: 3%; Vitamin A: 0%* Vitamin C: 50%* Calcium: 2%* Iron: 6%* Potassium: 638mg (18%*) Vitamin B6: 22%* Japanese Sweet Potatoes. With so many varieties of sweet potatoes available, all with different colors, shapes, tastes and textures, it's important to know how healthy they all are. Purple sweet potatoes have a rich, almost winey flavor with a creamy texture. $15.45 $ 15. You can add … Sweet potatoes are grown underground while yams grow on a vine above the ground, though yams do look like a tuber. This dish is easy to put together and can be a great addition to any meal. Purple sweet potatoes have 2.5 times more antioxidants (anthocyanins) than their orange-fleshed counterparts. The way the processing of purple sweet potatoes boiled or steamed itselft, will be sweet but it will keep the calories. Season to taste and place in an oven at 400 °F (200 °C) for 35-40 minutes. I'm not sure how tapioca got to … Also, anthocyanins can help prevent fat from accumulating in your body. There are purple varieties of both vegetables. Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes. Like other sweet potatoes, you can also freeze them after cooking, whether whole and baked or as a casserole. I suggest that lime juice is added to taste rather than using a whole lime as limes vary so much in acidity and size. One of the benefits of consuming purple sweet potatoes is that they have a positive effect on your brain activity. Purple sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients that are great for your health. This sweet potato is not actually related to the potato but instead is in the morning glory family. It is also made into a powder, which is then used in Filipino desserts that are unmistakable with their bright purple color. (2), Research has also found that sweet potatoes, in general, are a low-glycemic index food and can be easily digested. Look for purple sweet potatoes that are firm. The striking hue can add a colorful twist to the dish. The purple sweet potato goes by a few names, and there are two common varieties. However, the purple-fleshed Okinawan sweet potato is named after the Japanese island ‘Okinawa’, where it … Add more broth to adjust the consistency you want. Purple sweet potatoes are healthy. See more ideas about Purple sweet potatoes, Purple potatoes, Sweet. It is well known that sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and have good nutritional value. Sweet Potatoes and Yams: What's the Difference? How can you add purple sweet potatoes to get all the health benefits from this delicious, colorful functional food? There are many varieties of purple potatoes. Sweet potatoes that have brown, red-orange, or white skin with orange or white flesh are native to Colombia and southern Central America. (21), Some scientists have also found that anthocyanin fractions help prevent cells mutating. Did you know that Okinawan sweet potatoes were recently highlighted by Dr. Oz as being one of the top Superfoods of 2010?1 This vibrantly purple sweet potato, a locally grown staple of Hawaiian cuisine, is rich in flavor and packed with nutritional benefits. Purple sweet potato root has antibacterial properties in cells. You can also buy them in larger bulk quantities at some stores or online. There are a ton of different kinds of sweet potatoes from Beauregard to Regal, but it’s hard to find most of them in the store. Jiro's Garden Fresh Sweet Purple Potatoes (4 LBS) 3.2 out of 5 stars 6. Of course, cancer is a complex disease and there is no one food that can cure it. Purple sweet potatoes are low in calories at just around 50 calories per potato. The research also revealed that purple sweet potato has the potential to lower blood glucose and prevent tumors. (9). They can be used in many of the same ways you’d use an orange or white potato, and the colorful result puts a fun spin on mashed potatoes, fries, and soups. The other is Stokes Purple, a name patented by a North Carolina farmer around 2006. The type we used here (found at our local Whole Foods) is a Stokes Purple Sweet Potato. Lay them on a plate and try not to stack them. In this article, you will learn about the many reasons why purple sweet potatoes are so good for you. Your potatoes won’t likely need fertilizer, but if you need to treat your soil, use a low-nitrogen fertilizer. Vibrant purple sweet potatoes. While very similar to their white grocery store counterparts, these potatoes exhibit a beautiful purple colored skin and flesh. Avoid any with soft or brown spots, sprouts, or wrinkled skin. (20). Purple sweet potato juice or baked purple sweet potato can help to improve your digestion. $28.00 $ 28. Purple potatoes are usually available year round and can now be found in many grocery stores. (19), Other studies have found that anthocyanins from Ayamuraski sweet potatoes have a blood glucose-lowering effect. The results of many studies point to the good effect of purple sweet potato antioxidants in helping to lower blood pressure. Drizzle some more oil over the top and continue to bake for 5 minutes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Like other potatoes, they are sold by the pound, either loose or weighed out in bags (3 pounds is common). (22). Spread the purple sweet potatoes in a single layer on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Purple Sweet Potato Powder (Japanese Purple Yam, Ube) - 100% Natural - Delicious, Color-changing Raw Sweet Potato Powder | Add To Cereal, Porridge, Yogurt, Smoothies | … (4), Research into the benefits of purple sweet potato shows that they have more antioxidants than red cabbage, elderberries, or grape skins. FLESH – Deep purple. Learn about what foods you should include on the anti-cancer diet. Above and below are the dumplings before they are cooked. Updated November 26, 2019. Read our, You can opt-out at any time. Made with naturally purple sweet potatoes—no food coloring needed!—this classic dessert has a whole new look but the same great taste of the original.Purple sweet potatoes (look for North Carolina-grown Stokes Purple) are a bit starchier and a little less sweet than regular sweet potatoes… Make slits in the potato leaving about a ¼ inch (0.5 cm) at the base. These colorful flavonoids have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have a number of health benefits. FREE Shipping. The same anthocyanin that makes food look pretty is touted as having beneficial health effects. Purple sweet potato is just one of the many foods that are good for your brain. What are purple sweet potatoes and where can I find them? 00. See more ideas about Purple sweet potatoes, Recipes, Sweet. They may not be available in every grocery store, depending on where you live. Put potatoes in a large bowl and sprinkle with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder and paprika. You can enjoy these potatoes baked, mashed, roasted, boiled, steamed, or sautéed. One of the easiest recipes is for baked purple sweet potato. The purple Okinawan sweet potato is grown underground and is similar to Western sweet potatoes. We also added coconut milk to the filling for even more delicate sweetness. Hawaiian sweet potato, which is a variety called ‘Okinawan’, but is commonly called purple yam, Japanese purple potato or Japanese Sweet Potato. 100% organic. Steaming purple sweet potatoes can reduce the antioxidant content by up to half. By eating purple sweet potatoes regularly, then asthma will not often recur again. Demystifying different types of purple sweet potatoes, one tuber at a time! One is the Okinawan sweet potato, which is called beni imo in Japan; it's also known as the Hawaiian sweet potato or uala. Mike Sizemore, a sweet potato farmer, received some purple-colored potatoes as a gift from an unidentified woman. While all potatoes, including purple sweet potatoes, blue potatoes, white potatoes and yellow potatoes, are high in carbohydrates, they also contain fiber and an array of important vitamins and minerals. It is noted that the first purple sweet potato was bred by the Japanese and grown specifically on Okinawa, hence its name. 4.4 out of 5 stars 30. Close × OK. Footer Start. Storing any sweet potato in the refrigerator can throw off the flavor and lead to a very hard center. PenguinRandom House. Required fields are marked *. For longer storage, keep them in a dry, dark, and cool place with good ventilation and use within a few weeks. Demystifying different types of purple sweet potatoes, one tuber at a time! They have little to no fat, 1.3 grams of fiber, 1.4 grams of protein, and only 12 grams of carbs. Orange sweet potatoes are a common baby food, but purple potatoes are quickly becoming a popular choice as they are the superfood of potatoes! They are also a good source of vitamin C and potassium. Once soft, put the cooked sweet potatoes in a pan, add 1 tablespoon of butter or extra virgin olive oil, a little milk or water, and mash until smooth and creamy. Make your favorite takeout recipes at home with our cookbook! Too much nitrogen in the soil will cause potato vines to grow rather than the tubers themselves. You’ve never seen sweet potato pie like this before. Research has shown that sweet potatoes rich in anthocyanins are good for hypertension, diabetes, and boosting cardiovascular health. You can add vibrant color to any meal by serving it with a portion of mashed purple sweet potato. Researchers also found that anthocyanins can help prevent bladder cancer. With Okinawan sweet potatoes in abundance this time of year, they make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving meal. Purple sweet potato anthocyanins may also help with weight loss and body composition. NUTRITION – Data from Whole Foods. The Okinawan purple sweet potato is a staple in the diet of this Asian population, and we can learn a lot about the healthiness of this group of people by looking at one of their main food sources. You can make colorful cakes, ice creams, pies, doughnuts, soups, etc., using Okinawan sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potatoes (sometimes mistakenly called purple yams) are fun to cook with and can be used in many of the same ways as the more familiar orange or white sweet potatoes. Serve as you would serve regular mashed potatoes. One of the many varieties of sweet potatoes is the Okinawan purple sweet potato. The research concluded that purple sweet potato has potential use as a functional food in anti-hyperuricemia remedies. Incidentally, yams and sweet potatoes are different. Anthocyanins help to increase the number of beneficial probiotics and that helps with digestion. Among the most common are Adirondack Blue, Purple Creamer, Purple Majesty, and Purple Peruvian. Other options New from $11.74. You'll have the best luck at specialty markets, including those that cater to Asian foods. Robbins J. Add 4 medium chopped purple sweet potatoes and 4 cups of chicken broth. The Spruce Eats uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. (11). For example, a review on the benefits of sweet potatoes reported that the Ayamurasaki purple sweet potato contains many antioxidants with free-radicals scavenging activity. For example, doctors from WebMD say that blueberries are a superfood because of their antioxidant content. Learn more about the best foods to eat if you have diabetes and why drinking okra water can help you if you are a diabetic. And if we consume sweet potatoes along with the skin it can give more fiber when compared to one serving of oatmeal. Purple sweet potatoes are prized for their brilliant pop of violet color and rich flavor. One study involving diabetic rats found that consuming purple sweet potato extracts decreased blood fat levels and blood glucose levels. Sweet potato is native to the tropical regions of America. In fact, take one look at the purple potatoes nutrition profile and it’s easy to see why they’re so great for improving your health. They are creamy and very healthy (full of antioxidants and vitamins). Before going further explaining the health benefits of eating purple potatoes, it will be much better if we notice and know more the nutrient containing inside the potatoes. Purple sweet potatoes are wonderful boiled, steamed, or baked alongside regular sweet potatoes. (15) The same journal reported that purple sweet potato compounds help to lower liver inflammation. You can keep them at room temperature for about a week. The Okinawan variety needs a similar climate to Okinawa, such as Hawaii, while Stokes Purple is a better choice for home gardens on the U.S. mainland. The purple potato made its way to Hawaii and then to the U.S. mainland. Another study found that compounds in purple sweet potato helped reduce blood pressure in adults suffering from hypertension. When you’re looking for a change up at the breakfast table these purple sweet potato waffles can satisfy your needs.. However, they weren’t properly introduced to the U.S. market before the 1980s, when L.A. health nuts … Slightly sweeter than regular sweet potatoes. Place on a baking sheet and brush melted coconut oil or. Here are several of them: Alkaline and Natrium Oh my they are delicious! At Healthy and Natural World, our mission is to empower people to take control of their own health by providing comprehensive, practical and well researched information. Bring on the magnificent purple color and … From the outside, this purple sweet potato looks the same as an orange one but cut one open and you'll know the difference. Purple sweet potatoes aren’t as sweet as the orange sweet potatoes, feel free to add a little bit more maple if you want the dish to be sweeter. 2010. 3.9 out of 5 stars 151. There are two main varieties—Okinawa (white skin) and Stokes (purple skin)—though they share the characteristic of having a deep purple flesh. If you are trying to lose weight, including purple sweet potato in your diet can help you shed extra pounds of fat. Step 2. One of the easiest ways to eat a purple sweet potato is to bake it and spread a healthy topping. A 2016 study found that the nutritional content of purple sweet potatoes can help to improve your gut’s microbiota. Purple sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas L cultivar Ayamurasaki) get their distinct color from compounds called anthocyanins. The subjects consumed 250 ml of purple sweet potato juice every day for 4 weeks. So tasty!! The tubers taper to points on both ends and are members of the Ipomoea genus, just like other sweet potatoes (yams are of the genus Dioscorea). One study involving adults with high blood pressure found that compounds in purple sweet potato helped reduce blood pressure. Purple potatoes are the brilliantly-colored cousins to the classic brown Russet potato. If you are over 50, you should learn about what you should eat to avoid muscle loss due to aging. Purple sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium and fiber, and high in B6, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Additionally, they have a low glycemic index , which is why sweet potatoes (of any variety) are often preferred for diabetic diets. They can all make delicious savory or sweet dishes, from chips to wraps, from sweet pies to purple chiffon cakes and ice-cream. Just took these out of the oven with my other roasted sweet potatoes and as much as I love sweet potatoes, these purple ones blow the others away. Peel 3 purple sweet potatoes, chop them into chunks or wedges and steam for 15-20 minutes (or boil in water until they are soft). Serve in individual bowls with a spoon of crème fraîche and a sprinkling of chopped herbs. It has a darker, rougher-looking skin that's brown and reminiscent of tree bark. Like other sweet potatoes, the peak season for the purple varieties is during the fall and winter months. Consuming purple sweet potato can help with weight loss in 2 ways. These 7 easy purple potato recipes will make you a fan of this superior spud. Purple sweet potatoes are low in calories at just around 50 calories per potato. They arrived quickly in good condition 4 total for 2 lbs. Tapioca, purple sweet potatoes, and coconut milk! Anthocyanins from purple sweet potato showed higher levels of activity than ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Enzymes in these purple root vegetable help to lower inflammation and have a beneficial effect on general health. See more ideas about purple sweet potatoes, recipes, food. Vibrant purple sweet potatoes. (6, 1). Purple sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas Lam) are a direct relative of the well-known orange sweet potato and come from the same family.
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