This teaching constituted the "holy secret" or "mystery" (disciplina arcani) of Christianity, and could only be imparted to those who were qualified to receive it. He has come to the course as a highly qualified graduate, with a first class honors degree in history. Lindsay Hill As a professional huntsman for nearly 25 years, I feel I am well qualified to remark on the benefits of hunting. qualified nurses do many tasks which are not characteristically ' nursing ' tasks. You are recommended to seek advice of a qualified health practitioner. Day Nursery Staff High Wycombe Full Time Day Nursery Staff newly qualified? The moral philosophy of Epicurus is a qualified hedonism, the heir of the Cyrenaic doctrine that pleasure is the good thing in life. âI was on GMTV today, arguing with an exec from Specsavers. The qualified list of example sentences with qualified. To be qualified to teach, the professor will need to take a licensing test and receive his certification. social workers qualified in the UK or abroad. qualifyhould always consult a suitably qualified lawyer about any specific legal matter. This is cautiously qualified thus in a letter to Anthony Collins, written by Locke a few months before he died: " Though I call the thinking faculty in me ` mind,' yet I cannot, because of that name, equal it in anything to that infinite and incomprehensible Being, which, for want of right and distinct conceptions, is called ` Mind ' also.". By training and temperament he was better qualified to appreciate and describe the social life of the people than their physical surroundings, and if the results of his great journey are disappointing to the geographer, his account of the society of the oasis towns, and of the remarkable men who were then ruling in Hail and Riad, must always possess an absorbing interest as a portrait of Arab life in its freest development. Qualified definition, having the qualities, accomplishments, etc., that fit a person for some function, office, or the like. Dawn is 7. Frances Burney, whom the old man had cherished with fatherly kindness, stood weeping at the door; while Langton, whose piety eminently qualified him to be an adviser and comforter at such a,time, received the last pressure of his friend's hand within. Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth, for it has not profited so much as it has lost. Seven pupils qualified during 1912. 1853)4 is qualified by the warning that the real activity of thought tends to fall outside the calculus of relations and to attach rather to the subsidiary function of denoting. He himself was qualified to be the legitimate head of a united state, for he was of the tribe of Aaron. The SCA is able to suggest a qualified veterinarian to any caller, within his or her own area of the UK. He even had to qualify his statements as to their sincerity. Under the revised constitution of 1908 any bill passed by the legislature and approved by the governor, except appropriation bills, may be referred by the legislature to the qualified electors; and no bill so referred shall become law unless approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon; no local or special act, passed by the legislature, takes effect until it is approved by a majority vote of the electors in the affected district. The lack of mobility impacts further down the recruitment chain: many newly qualified librarians now apply for non-professional posts. He was admirably qualified to discharge it. Most people chose this as the best definition of qualified: The definition of qualifi... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Programs should be directed by appropriately qualified chartered clinical psychologists. All inspections are carried out by professionally qualified archivists with experience of working in a record office. golf holidays can be based around a golf academy where qualified instructors offer specialized courses for all levels. Suitable for qualified and trainee teachers of secondary aged pupils and anyone interested in coaching basketball. Suitable people will then have an assessment by a qualified assessor in order to obtain social services funding. The emperor accepted this exposition of the constitution, and after some delay eventually gave his consent also to the Prussian law, which he was qualified to reject. On the other hand, a two-thirds majority of each house of the legislature may submit an amendment or amendments to popular vote at the next general election, when the approval of a majority of the qualified voters is necessary for ratification. 9 opinion of some of those best qualified to judge, it is probable that the creatures in question were really baboons. Although he disliked the life and was not specially qualified for it - as he used to say regarding the excellent precepts of his Pddagogik, he was never able to apply them - yet he added to his other accomplishments a grace and polish which he displayed ever afterwards to a degree somewhat unusual in a philosopher by profession. For most of these, however, we have no authority but Lee's own impressions of style, &c.; and consequently, though the best qualified judges will in most cases agree that Defoe may very likely have written them, it cannot positively be stated that he did. The proportion of whites qualified by age and residence who were actually drawing pensions was rather less than one-third (it had been 9% more in 1902). President Lincoln insisted on retaining Commander Dahlgren, and he was qualified to keep the post by special act of Congress. 10-28 (J), we have no allusion to any separate order of men who were qualified to offer sacrifices. A team of qualified beauticians is on hand with advice and treatments to suit your body's needs. Having qualified as a medical man in 1721, he practised at Brunswick and afterwards at Wolfenbiittel. The Council's preliminary decision was voted through in late December by a qualified majority. And we must not forget to mention how the judges are to be qualified, and who they are to be. de Freycinet, a post for which he had qualified himself by the attention he had given to educational matters. 318 E), " is prudence or good counsel, both in respect of domestic matters that the man may manage his household aright, and in respect of public affairs, that he may be thoroughly qualified to take part, both by deed and by word, in the business of the state. Britain has also qualified a men's open quadruple scull for the Games. litigation lawyers and many are not legally qualified. Once again, empiricism may lead to some qualified and restricted form of agnosticism, religious or antireligious. But where, it will be said, is the qualified teacher to be found? Nick Warren, qualified masseur, said: " Everyone benefits from a massage - whether they are mentally or physically stressed. Apparently in August, when Hegel qualified, the news of the discovery had not yet reached him, but critics have made this luckless suggestion the ground of attack on a priori philosophy. Educated at Göttingen and Berlin, he qualified himself at Bonn as Privatdozent in philosophy (1852). She followed her passion for sewing and did a five year training and is a qualified dressmaker. In Bohemia the Czechs were very active; while the Poles were parading their hostility to Russia in such a manner as to cause the emperor to avoid visiting Galicia, some of the Czech leaders attended a Slav demonstration at Moscow, and in 1868 they drew up and presented to the diet at Prague a " declaration " which has since been regarded as the official statement of their claims. In 1780 he left the academy qualified to practise as a surgeon, and was at once appointed by the duke to an ill-paid post as doctor to a regiment garrisoned in Stuttgart. The defense of qualified privilege would not be available if the official receiver was actuated by express malice in making his/her report. Brady felt both surprise and some relief as the doc qualified his statement about everyone being dead. His theological position may be said to have been one of qualified revolt against the Calvinistic orthodoxy of his day. In towns a week-day was to be set apart for the " exercise " or public interpretation of Scripture, in which all qualified persons in the neighbourhood were to take part, as if the whole country were a school of the Bible. All qualified mentors are required to attend an update annually and are invited to attend one of these sessions. But these two masters of English were not perhaps the best qualified to relate the story. A voter is qualified on an income from property of £6, or by paying rent to the same amount, or having the qualifications required to serve as a common juror. The service provided by Planning Aid for Scotland is carried out by volunteers who are professionally qualified town planners. prescribed by vets or pharmacists or suitably qualified persons. We need the advice of a qualified actuary using the projected unit method.
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