PINK SPOTS ARE WHAT I RECOMMEND FOR FAST TRACK FOR NEW PLAYERS (ALSO FOLLOW GREEN SPOTS)! It can be annoying to deal with and you may use a lot of HP pots if you are low DP but overall it is one of the easier spots to grind. You can also keep your horse nearby at the base of the valley. Join a … The next quest can only be completed during 10PM to 5AM in game time. These mobs are very easy to deal with. The mobs trash drops can be exchanged for quite a lot so make sure you are picking up. The minimum to hunt alone here is about 195AP/240DP but I would recommend 220AP/260DP to feel more comfortable. Sulfur Mines is a good place to party but if you are alone there are also spots outside. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It’s also important to note that if there is a 10 level difference between the highest level character and the lowest, then all party members will not get loot. I miss one grindspot here; the watchtower, where those shadow knights dwell. Look for a place you can keep an eye on a nearby house at night. You will want to make sure you have a party and you should also bring food and elixirs. If anything is found suspicious of fraud, your account may result in permanent suspension. It is just north of Altinova and Boulder Outpost is nearby as well, where you can repair and buy potions. Manshaum Forest is a higher level zone for level 59 or above. T1Gaming - £30 The main reason is that your amity score affects your relationships with NPCs. Featured BDO streamer - Bloo. A Noisy Farm Seed Delivery Dias of Dias Farm Panic-Stricken Rumor The Cursed City A Gesture of Spite Where It All Began A Pain Reliever Overwhelming Strength Corrupted Powers, Petrified People Finding Clues A House that No One Lives in He Who Watches the Sky A Reversal of Fate Black Angel A Sweet Promise An Entangled Mess in the Swamp The minimum to hunt alone here is about 145AP/200DP but I would recommend 170AP/210DP if you want to be efficient. The monsters spawn in packs of 3 and take quite a long time to kill as they are very strong. Start NPC: - Villager End NPC: - Villager – Description: One of the villagers at Brellin Farm asked me for help. The places where you can get a black stone (armor) will also drop a black stone (weapon) sometimes. Fences can be rented for contribution points from certain NPCs. There is also a Violent Scarecow Ghost (Elite) that can drop Agerian Gloves so keep you eye out for him. You will need to bring a lot of purified water and star anise tea to hunt here. The Harpies move very fast and the Mages also hit quite hard. When grinding here you should be careful of the Poplar Tree Watchers and Old Poplar Tree. Black Spirit thinks the villagers are being suspiciously adamant about avoiding night time. The best drops you can get here are the Lemoria set pieces and Manshaum Voodoo Doll which is similar to the Ancient Relic pieces and can be collected and arranged in the shape of a [+] to turn into a scroll. I really didn’t enjoy this spot. For information about the first 10 Chapters refer to our earlier guide. This website is not affiliated with Kakao Games or Pearl Abyss. There is a pathway you can follow up the hill and you basically want to kill everything going up that pathway and then turn to your right and kill the mobs around there before circling back. These monsters are quite hard and you do not want to go to these zone without around 90AP/120DP. The mobs here drop really good items and you can even get Blackstones. Now you gotta go to Costa farm and defeat her sister. I nearly 1 shot them but it took me about an hour for 1 lvl up. One common complaint is that the. Protecting family farms and ranches Providing support for 2.5 million jobs, $56 billion in crop value… California Farm Bureau Federation is a nonprofit organization of farmers and ranchers consisting of county Farm Bureaus from nearly every county in California, established in 1919 to work for the betterment of family farmers and ranchers in California. Black Stone (Armor) & Black Stone (Weapon) Item Usage: Black Stone Armor & Weapon, are the most common and useful enhancing mats, since they are used into attempting most gear up to a certain level, and their average price is around 200K Silver per piece. If you manage to get this spot to yourself you’ll level up very fast and earn a lot of silver whilst doing it. Outside the castle and inside the castle you will find many camps filled with a mix of ranged and melee monsters as well. Bronze Daggers are the best in slot daggers for Rangers so hang onto it if you get one. ;) I had the cash shop knowledge items on too, still got rekt on those altars LOL These mobs are always clumped together in packs of 6 or more and are easy to AOE. The grind spot has a large density of mobs and isn’t too hard either. This zone is designed for party play and requires at least 230AP with the Kutum offhand. Area is not big, but they spawn quite fast and you can travel towards the tomb and back. This will amount to a good sum of silver by the time you are finished here. ... You can either put workers on your farm to tend to it (keep away bugs, prune it, etc) or you can do it yourself. There are also various other monsters such as Phnyl, Black Leopard, Balladona Elephant, Ferrica and Ferrina. Below you will find a list of classes divided by gender in BDO, along with the class tiers and ranking stats visible during Character Creation. For more information: The Assassin Towers are spread around the zone and are very strong so you should focus on killing these first. Are you in party of 5 member’s ? Look for a place you can keep an eye on a nearby house at night. This spot is perfect for earning a large amount of silver early on so consider staying for an extra level if you want to collect more silver. To find the NPCs from which you can obtain a fence, click the magnifying glass icon near the mini map at the top right of the screen and search for "fence". There are no unique items that drop in Bashim, but it’s a good place to level if you don’t have the best gear. This spot is a good place to stop off just to get a few levels before moving over to Veran Camps. The grind spot has a large density of mobs but they are also much more difficult and you won’t be able to grind here comfortably without high AP/DP. To get started, you're going to need a fence. Forest Ronaros is a higher level zone for level 59 or above. You should be able to stay here until around level 45 and then move to Catfish or Mansha to reach level 50. You will need to bring a lot of purified water and star anise tea to hunt here. Also, if you fill your inventory or run out of potions there is a general merchant at the bottom of the castle. Kzarka is the Lord of Corruption who is said to have the destructive might of a God. Extra AP against Monsters +13, Attack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Weight Limit +100 LT, and Down Attack Damage +5% for 120 min Black Stones and Scroll Written in Ancient Language drop here. – How to Obtain: It can be Produced at Bartali Farm, Finto Farm. It’s has similar difficulty to Sausan Garrison. The pulls are slightly smaller but you won’t be fighting over mobs. The item everyone wants though, is the Ring of Crescent Guardian. Powerleveling is viable and it can take as little as 2 hours to get to level 56 if the person helping you has high AP and all EXP buffs are used. In this grinding spot you do NOT get the desert disease. Unlike the other Kamaslyvia Part I grind spots, you don’t need the best gear to grind here and it is one of the more popular grind spots because of that. This time the rewards are +3 to AP, +1 to DP, […] Check them out! Livestock produce is available via three major options: Harvesting Livestock in the world, sending workers to harvest Livestock from Nodes one has invested Contribution Points into, and raising livestock privately within fences. GLISH. If your friends are willing to help all the way then you should be fine, but please understand that powerleveling to the level you want to be will not stop you from having to grind more for money/skill points. I must warn against powerleveling if it is your first and main character however, because it will leave you with very little skill points ( approx 400 – 500) and you will not be able to get all the skills you need to grind on your own. The Tree Spirit’s Token vendor is on the left entrance to the guard camp. All mobs will drop Rusty Helmets and Demihuman weapons, along with Bronze Daggers and Agerian Helmets. You can find the cave entrance just west of Florin Town or over the hill in Breewood Forest. There is also the jungle rotation on the east side and beach spot on the west, which are both highly contested and a solo/duo spot. Kzarka was safely sealed in a shrine in Serendia, but a suspicious group took over the Kzarka Shrine in the turmoil of war and is now attempting to break his seal. I found that the mob density increased the deeper I went into the caves. You can also use an epheria boat or frigate, which is much better than a fishing boat because of the amount of weight it can carry. Pirates spawn on two islands but the best spots are on the north island. Taphtar Plain is located on the west side of Valencia and is close to Sand Grain Bazaar. I would recommend at least level 58 with 180AP/230DP or higher to grind here. They are fairly easy to kill, just make sure you watch your health! The monsters here have low HP and are easy to kill so it can be a very fast grind. The experience is good here between 50 – 52 but after that you will need to move because it really starts to slow down. During the day (7AM – 10PM in-game time), the monsters are as difficult as the monsters at Pila Ku Jail. The mobs are immune to knockdowns as well and can be annoying to deal with. Watch out for the priests. Black Stones, Rocaba Helmet, Centaur’s Belt and crystal gems drop here. Black Stones, Serap’s Necklace and Scroll Written in Ancient Language drop here. However, classes with a lack of ranged skills will not be able to take full advantage of this place because they can only easily pull half of the amount. The EXP is quite good and it’s very close to Old Wisdom Tree, but there better places you can grind if you just want money. Help with quest, Suspicious Move. The minimum to hunt alone here is about 185AP/220DP but I would recommend 200AP/230DP. The ruins are located on the west side of Valencia and is not in the desert area. New items have arrived at the Pearl Shop! Powerleveling is viable and it can take as little as 2 hours to get to level 56 if the person helping you has high AP and all EXP buffs are used. The density of mobs is quite high, making it very efficient if you are leveling alone, but it isn’t the best place for a party. The spawn rate of the Catfish is also very high and they spawn in very large groups which helps to make farming more efficient. The grind spot has an average density of mobs and is much easier than the other spots in Valencia if you have good DP. You can obtain the quest “Suspicious Farm”, which is the first quest in the story, by speaking to your Black Spirit. LEVEL 55 – 57 (120AP/140DP): FADUS GARRISON, LEVEL 55 – 60 (140AP/190DP**): PIRATE ISLAND, LEVEL 56 or higher (120AP/200DP): BASHIM BASE, LEVEL 56 or higher (170AP/220DP): CADRY RUINS, LEVEL 56 or higher (175AP/220DP): GAHAZ BANDIT’S LAIR, LEVEL 56 or higher (175AP/220DP): CRESCENT SHRINE, LEVEL 57 or higher (185AP/230DP): BASILISK DEN, LEVEL 57 or higher (190AP/230DP): TAPHTAR PLAIN, LEVEL 58 or higher (190AP/230DP): BLOOD WOLF SETTLEMENT, LEVEL 58 or higher (210AP/260DP): NAVARN STEPPE, LEVEL 58 or higher (210AP/250DP): GAVINYA GREAT CRATOR, LEVEL 59 or higher (240AP/260DP): MANSHAUM FOREST, LEVEL 59 or higher (240AP/260DP): FOREST RONAROS, LEVEL 60 or higher (250AP/280DP): AAKMAN TEMPLE/HYSTRIA RUINS, LEVEL 60 or higher (270AP/280DP): GYFIN RHASIA TEMPLE**, LEVEL 60 or higher (230AP/280DP): SHEREKHAN NECROPOLIS, Caphras’ Record Adventure Log Guide – Books 1 – 4, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, Fever Time/Olvia Server/Season Server EXP buff, Rugged Valley Helmet (Mediah Story Quests), If you are already level 60 via grinding and have not done any questing,then use our Level 59 – 60 guide to reach level 61 because it is much faster. She will give this quest when you talk to her. Pila Ku Jail is located in the south east side of Valencia near the outlaw town “Mui Kuhn”. This spot is another optional spot because it’s quite small. Just a slight amendment ive seen is that oze pass has a chance to drop Blackstone weapon, in about an hour i was lucky enough to grab 2 You will go through a town called Heidel and can find the next area just south of there. Titium Valley is located far into the desert and can be quite annoying to get to if you don’t use a compass. I got some Elisha rings over at the forest of seclusion and it dropped an Elisha belt once as well.
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