You’re alright. I have always loved chickens. She learned to eat with her tongue. A quick note on chicks, they like to admire themselves in the mirror (weird, right?). I mean, there’s a REASON pirates wear eye patches! Around a week later, I noticed her beak wasn’t aligning properly. Most coops could take a few months to arrive and boom, before you know it your chicks are ready to move out of the brooder. I developed the Pampered Chicken Mama website and product line to help chicken mamas like yourself raise happy, healthy hens! I’ve done this and I find by the next season, everything on the bottom of that pile from a year ago is just right to add to my soil as-is now. The chick was perfectly symmetrical when it arrived, but it was starting to look larger and out-of-balance on its right side. It’s apple butter season! Meaning, they don’t always scan each and every package at each stop, resulting in that little bar never moving for hours or even days. It’s all-natural, safe for pets and kids, and it’s organic-compliant. I think the key is, do what works. She gave the chick a little olive oil for the potentially impacted crop. She’s lived a stressful three and a half years of life so far, avoiding continuous harassment of the other hens. ©2005-2011 MY PET CHICKEN, LLC. She was barely keeping her head above water and shivering horribly. A coop should have good ventilation, plenty of bedding, and provide protection from wind and wet weather. It’s a long story that I won’t bore you with. I put a layer of diatomaceous earth down to help to ensure everything is sanitary and fresh. Helen is one very special girl. Some post offices do have the power to deliver to straight your house like a chariot carrying precious cargo. This pile will then begin the 2nd stage process where the composted items break down into their smaller bits and “cook” just before becoming dirt. Despite this, she would find the others by sound and follow them to food and water. My heart sank. Okay, that’s not entirely true. What that really means is that your chicks will ship on that date and then will arrive 1-3 days later. I can’t actually remember. The Chicken House Christmas Gift Guide 2020. I mean, let’s be real. Practical experiences facilitate the introduction to a responsible, original and ecological way to eggs and chicken meat. Chick-Fil-A. Find Us On. Albeit slower than the others and with some leg trouble from spinning in circles so often. I noticed something wrong with one of her eyes. It looked a little droopy, not quite normal and healthy like the others. Place chicken between saran wrap and beat flat, about ¼ of the original size. Chicken thighs are best for juiciness and flavor. Lime is another best friend to chicken keepers. I decided it was time to make a move. Composting chicken droppings and soiled bedding is the correct way to get it ready to feed your garden. Spread it around the footprint of your chicken coop to keep. Chicken here! Today I want to share the story of Jules, my “special” duck. Helen is surprisingly still able to eat her dry crumbles, on her own. We can work some awesome magic at My Pet Chicken, but transporting chicks to everywhere within the U.S in the same day, sadly isn’t one of them. When you first placed your chick order, you got to choose a “preferred shipping date”. If you have any other suggestions, please put them in the comments below. While I wouldn’t echo Doris’s sentiments above (she’s rude), you’d be smart to carefully consider the benefits of adding ducks to your flock! They’ll also forage on soft grass and tender weeds through the summer, supplementing their grain intake more heavily than chickens. My “shoulder birds” made me a chicken pirate! Great, you now know why the tracking was stalled! With a look of triumph, you march back to whatever it is you were doing before you began stalking our website… But then you suddenly realize you had been so focused on getting the chicks, you forgot one tiny detail… You haven’t planned for when they arrive. A fantastic distraction is a mirror because like I said, chicks can be slightly prideful in that aspect. If you want to produce your own eggs, ducks may be just the ticket. Another great distraction is going to bring out your artsy side… You get to draw something creative and very colorful on the inside of their brooder. Nah…that’s too much. I’ll begin with a little backstory, of how I got into chicken keeping. The Cross Beak Chronicles: Helen’s Story…, Top 4 Compost Methods using Chicken Manure. And the crafts, etc. In a large bowl, whisk together the egg, lemon juice, 2 teaspoons garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. We decided we would take care of her and love her no matter what. They enjoy being able to “bathe” in snowbanks, though you should keep an area cleared for their food and water. Geese should have their own space. This is actually very common among new chick owners. Because geese splash around so much, I find it very important to provide their water outside. Let me sit on your shoulder for a second to express my positive feelings about you.”. This crack chicken crockpot recipe takes both the work and the guesswork out of making dinner. Helen can eat and drink in peace, without being chased away by the other chickens. If the chicken is not at 165 degrees, then let the chicken cook for another 5 minutes and re-check the chicken. She quickly took them home and settled them in their new brooder. They moved to the big pen once they were all feathered in and they loved the free access to bugs and grass. Ducklings eat like, well… pigs. After watching her respond (or not) to things around her I was able to tell she could not see in one eye. To make your feed go further in winter, you can mix in cracked corn, black oil sunflower seeds, oats, or wheat. She had tried to crawl away but her legs were too weak and my heart just broke to think I had left her and she was suffering so. I could only guess she must have gotten hurt somehow since she had been fine previously. She would no way be able to survive now, with only half of a normal tongue, right? And so, her new life begins. So what do you do? It’s recommended to turn the compost ingredients weekly using a pitchfork in order to help speed up the process by delivering oxygen where needed. I gave her a beautiful taxidermied Welsummer rooster for her to flirt with. The caregiver instinct may be to use a red heat lamp because why not, right? I admit I was not very hopeful. They arrived on day three right to my door (even though I had told the post office to hold them for pick up!). Do you have a “special” member in your flock? I found out shortly thereafter, the local farm store had baby chicks for sale and buying another 5 or so should be fine. Yes, seriously. I ended up buying 12 chicks. I made her stay in the hutch a few more days before allowing her to go back with the flock. Visit for more details. Another thing I’d like to mention is that chicks need a steady and constant temperature of 90-95 degrees for the first couple of weeks. And yet not. It is not an automatic death sentence. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In one compartment, you will add fresh compost ingredients while the ingredients in the second compartment are left to “cook.” It’s important to turn the tumbler regularly. In the long run, ducks actually eat less than chickens. A temperature-controlled garage or building is not sufficient in providing that warmth. While coop cleaning is not the best part of owning chickens, it’s definitely necessary. Your eyes and earrings may look like shiny beetles–animals that chickens love to eat. We miss the little details, the important and overlooked things. I counted heads as usual… Jules was missing again. I’m not sure why. It’s a long wait but worth it. The good news however is that those same mistakes can easily be avoided with preparation and a little forethought. That way, your chicks arrive at a warm and ready-made home. Posted in: Chickens , Cleaning , Geese , Guinea Fowl , Miscellaneous , My Farm , My Pets , Outdoor Chores For more information about chick care, visit our free Chicken Care Guide. Are your geese ready for winter? Chicken Breeds and Designer Chicken Breeds, If chicks are eating only finely-milled feed, they do not usually need chick. Garden lime is alternately called limestone, agricultural lime, aglime, or just plain lime. Tunnel vision takes over and we simply overlook the preparation phase of this. Today’s accomplishment–17 half-pints of apple butter. David Kiessling 2017-07-06T20:54:40+00:00 Maybe it’s because you feel like they’re expressing their approval? I thought, how am I going to do this all the time? I’ve enjoyed every minute of caring for her. Yes, let me repeat that. Visit her on Instagram @hostilevalleyliving or online at But I do know having a “shoulder chicken,” makes you feel good. Heat lamps are very similar to the weather, unpredictable. How To Store Your Chickens’ Freshly Laid Eggs. A goose coop should offer about 8 square feet per bird, and ideally is not part of your chicken or duck coop. I peeked into the box and got a nibble on my nose for my curiosity! Far from squeamish, ducks will happily dig under decaying matter to snarf anything that moves. Comment below and let me know how you liked this recipe! (You can use any brand of garden lime, but we really like First Saturday. I got my first 12 chicks from My Pet Chicken three years ago. A special thank you to Cindy (not her real name) for letting us share her story in order to help provide more education about baby chick care. I like the No. That seemed to do the trick! While it may have been cute when they were chicks, it’s not so cute when your chickens start to run around the house making a mess. Even the most expert among us make mistakes sometimes (yes, that should make you feel better). That soiled bedding is now compost gold and perfect for feeding to your garden…almost. In an attempt to get the ants to stop biting her, I grabbed a bottle of veggie insecticide typically considered safe and dusted her with it. Some people have had earrings forcibly removed from their ears, and not the fun way. Based on this information, she wasn’t too concerned about the swollen crop…at least not at first. Ultimately I ended up with a total of about 20, maybe 22. At some point last year, the tip of her tongue sort of, well….dried up and fell off. The Chicken Chick. If it’s any comfort at all, many new chicken owners have that same moment. The perfect chicken wings for game day! I'm the luckiest girl in the world! She was now queen of her castle and surely wasn’t about to let an old rooster rule her roost, no way! The time it takes depends on the moisture content and temperatures in the tumbler. The best way to find out what your local post office does is to give them a call and ask. You know, that one chicken, duck, goose (or hey, any other member of the flock!) Seriously, who wouldn’t be excited about ducklings (everyone say awwww…)? Do you have a special needs duck or chicken in your flock? I went out and scoured the pasture calling her name as nearby I heard an owl calling. They only get water inside in the worst weather, because they’ll spray it all over their coop and then the coop is covered in ice. It’s going to take some effort, but it’ll eventually click that they aren’t going back into the brooder. After careful thought and consideration, I decided what would it hurt to see if she could live with it. The Eggs and I. They loved that, lots more room to play, and our barn cats actually kept them company. You could get scratched, pecked, or seriously injured–okay? Then one day when I went out to sit with my babies I noticed one of the Black Swedish spinning in circles. It’s very much worth the time and effort it takes to care for them along the way. On Friday morning, one of her chicks showed signs of what she thought looked like pasty butt. This small tumbler is a rotating bin. See, Chicken manure is high in nitrogen and runs really ‘hot’ in a garden bed when it’s fresh. I kept chickens for over many years before I became a pirate. I thought I’d get maybe 7 or 8 chicks and that would be great, plenty. What Exactly Is a Broody Hen and How to Stop It? Geese can come and go freely from their coop during the day. She has her very own coop, adorned with a wreath on the door, her name placard proudly hung and a “friend” that I felt she needed, to keep her company. It’ll let you fish this deadly bait setup in almost any type of cover no matter how thick or nasty. One of our customers, Cindy (not her real name) excitedly picked up her peeping balls of fluff from the post office. You get your tracking email with the handy dandy tracking link and you’re now super excited. Another way to keep your young flock busy is to provide them a chick jungle gym. Cindy checked on her chicks in the middle of the night on Saturday. Welcome to the coop, Melissa Harrison! Or offer less if they are leaving grain. Pondering further, you start to wonder if the chicks will be delivered to you or to your post office. Use First Saturday Lime for Chickens & Your Garden Will Thank You! Chicken – the main ingredient. Let me start at the very beginning… You’re a first-time chicken owner and have finally found the chicks you’ve always wanted and watched for, ever so faithfully. Thankfully, this situation is preventable! She quacked her happiness at seeing me and waggled her precious tail. It definitely got worse! I go through my archives sometimes, with the girls. Share with us in the comments below. By implementing any of these compost methods using chicken manure, it will help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Aug 5, 2012 - All things Chicken's. The goal of is to provide information, experience reports, backgrounds, tips and tricks on the topic of species-appropriate chicken husbandry. I ordered two each of the White Crested, Silver Appleyard, Blue & Black Swedish, and Caygua. I checked on her every couple of hours for days…. Cindy then began to carefully massage the baby chick. I do not recommend a heat lamp or a heater not designed for a poultry coop which could be a fire hazard. Actually, I’m totally sending this post to my own hubby so that when I come home with some piece of randomness (earlier this year it was pillows) I can look to him and say, at least it wasn’t a five-foot tall chicken. Having said that, this behavior does make me wonder: Why do chickens do this? The hot head chick simply needs a distraction, giving them something to do other than attacking their helpless flockmates. No one bothers her anymore, except me. Comment below to share with us. I feels like a long time ago. I will explain who her friend is later on in the story! The ocra was fried... read more. Howell Mill (Find Location) Find a restaurant Use my location. Doink-approved cards and gifts featuring the cast of characters from the … Flavorful and versatile, there … I don’t know. You other pirates know what I mean, right? We went to a local farm store to pick up a couple…well, lets say a few more baby chicks. Chicks like to peck anything and everything shiny or colorful, so they will be super happy to peck at your art for hours on end. However, the geese also have a nearby livestock tank, a 15 or 30-gallon tank, which we keep thawed with a water heater and allows them swimming water. The Chicken Chick. One day, out of the blue, my cousin said to me, “Why don’t you get some chickens?” And that was that. If you are concerned about your coop being cold, you can consider a specific coop heater (especially if you have younger birds). In other words, who is really counting how many chickens you have? She was different, and chickens instinctively know it and act on it! Even using pine shavings can be too acidic to add directly to soil as-is. Feb 27, 2019. I'm Kathy Shea Mormino, internationally known as "The Chicken Chick," a backyard chicken-keeping advocate, consultant, and award-winning author who shares practical info, advice and the antics of my flock to educate, entertain and inspire. She gives us so much back and she doesn’t even know it. Lucky for you, there’s a fairly easy way to make that transition without causing too much of a fuss. Large Pine shavings are a much better option and work really great as bedding. She gets a lot of attention because there’s a cool critter hitching a ride; she’s a human Uber for a snake! The amount of feed your geese consume will vary depending on the number of birds you have, and how severe winter is in your area (and therefore, how much your geese can forage). Most important: water. I do not heat these buckets.The geese will fill them with feed and mess so quickly. You will need a container you can seal to put your compostables and soiled litter in with the inoculated grains. With special blood circulation in their feet, they’ll often remain in a pond as the ice starts to cover it over (don’t worry —they know when they have to get out!). At this point, you may already be really willing to move them out to a coop because of just that. The chick perked up and became more chirpy and alert. I didn’t even know anyone that had chickens. It’s about 12-inches high and Jules had never gotten in it. The Chicken Wire provides visually rich stories, company news, and behind-the-scenes access to our culture, history, partnerships and initiatives across the country. I read articles saying it was never going to get better, it was only going to get worse, and was basically a death sentence for my little chick. Chicken Pirates: what’s up with those shoulder birds? Sit, brood, push–an egg!Listen to the human as she starts to beg“Breakfast, please, my pretty pet hens!”We’re working on it here, my impatient human friend! She is a big part of our family. The most important bedding to stay away from is cedar shavings. The My Pet Chicken Blog features posts from several chicken keepers to help people learn about raising backyard chickens. Cindy kept tenderly massaging to see if the chick might have more grit obstructing its vent.
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