What the heck is time the residence? Its usually used to avoid the main clearing wave due to reasons like not having enough defenses etc. I have been a -good- player. Also, don't let you crop consumption be less then -10 just for the sake of it. Regardless of what happen, you should NEVER let it get destroyed or conquered because all your army WILL disappear without a fight in the case that they are not in the village at the time of attack. Clubswingers move at 14 square per hour and therefore is faster than Legion. Waste of resources. You should NEVER break a promise. Barracks- for infantry 4. I personally suggest conquering but if you have to settle a new village and I am assuming that the 15 cropper we need is already fixed so its just a regular village we are talking about. It may seem unfair, it may even seem like you got the short end of the stick, but thats just how the game works. Your fields should NOT be upgraded evenly. Its just an attack with 3 chief together with your main offensive army. Prerequisites: 1. There is too much to go in to from this point on what you should build, how you should build it, and how to get there. I will not go into the details but I think you guys know what I mean. It takes a whole load of skill but trust me, it CAN be done AND it’s not using bots or scripts. I’ll give you the calculation now. To the question: you need a browser with tabs. Most successful teutons start out similar to this. Travian is a Team game. Continue to follow the quest line. 1) prepare 1 attack (do not launch yet) in each tab. Generally, for a 15 cropper capital, you do NOT need a hero mansion after conquering all the oasis you can. Well, this isn’t exactly a trick but is actually more of a fact. Message: data Work on your resource fields as they become available. Therefore you are able to keep twice the amount of scouts while using the same amount of crops and therefore you are able to defend against scouting attacks. You can time it such that the residence will finish during that gap. But they lack the military discipline of the Gauls or Romans, which causes their weaknesses in speed and defence. While troops are cheap, they are not fast and so Teutons are best for close range attacks; Higher troop numbers are needed to succeed for many long distance attacks and will be relatively expensive to feed; Teuton Spearfighters are strong defense against cavalry – combined with the Roman Praetorian they are efficient, strong defense If you’re on enough, start expanding your barrier to 1 1/2 hours with your legos. Your BP probably just wore off and you’re worried. Don’t. 2) Don’t build far away from your initial city. Generally, a 75% crop oasis 15 cropper will be enough but the higher, the better. Player A is attacking Player B Player A is a Roman. They save time and resources. I admit that I am still learning – and I still seek advice. Upgrade your marketplace. Now you have another option. They are actually defensive troops, you’re only using them to raid cause you’re stuck with them. This is why you slept earlier. Never Zero pop someone unless they are using catapults on you, or are in an alliance that is using catapults on you. If you haven’t built a warehouse, granary and marketplace (as noted earlier) do it now. The resources will take years to reach you. Fakes. There is no point building troops yet as you cant raid people due to beginners protection. source:here. This will slow your growth, you will get discouraged. Ship bigger shipments from your mother village and store them here to be used up on more resource fields. They are too much of a drain on your economy to be productive. 2) Go to your profile and set your time zone so the server time shows what time it is for you. When you start the cranny, start upgrade 1 of each resource field to level 2. Research in Kingdoms is not global to your avatar – you need to research and upgrade units for each village individually as well as unlock buildings. — You CAN start raiding in 12 hours. Advantages: • Plunder bonus: the cranny of enemies only hides 2/3 of its content. Trade smart on the marketplace – no I won’t describe trading smart, figure it out yourself, its not hard. They are the best. Then I’ll tell you why you aren’t going to be any of those things. Go raid someone close to you who is below 9 pop. You’re sitting at mid 60 population or higher and have 20 legos. Do whatever you can to make sure they get absolutely nothing from your village. ... upgrade lvl At the 1 hour barrier, its time to work on your fields again. III. From my apartment where i have only 1MB connection, i have managed 6 attacks at same second average. Yes, Iron is your big problem. On s7 where I play currently, I started 4 days late, and it has worked out quite well for me. He is not a weak defender, but he lacks a strong defense against infantry troops. My guide is not in any order due to the fact that I am not sure what im typing and I am typing whatever is in my mind now. New players barely produce any wheat. NEVER ever do so. Though if you want, a 5 clay will be helpful. Sometimes it will just irritate the guy more. - I hope you can answer this question now! Slowly, ask him if he can stop or at least limit his attack but even if he say no, be POLITE. Also, a WW killer should NEVER take a WW due to the fact that WW holders get more attention from the enemies than they need and most of their villages will be under attack. We are playing the offensive giant Teuton style and therefore we can ONLY use a 15 cropper. There are only so many oasis to go around. Which oasis are good? Then build barracks lv.1, granary lv.3, mainbuilding lv.5, and embassy lv.1. What’s so advanced about it? Since clubs are faster than legion, they are good to use when you are trying to counter him. I would personally suggest 240k warehouse with 540k granary because you will often get raids with 160k or more resources each. Backstabbing someone is the way of a scum. ... 10 and build 3 settlers and look to expand to a 15 cropper so you can build all your troops up and store all of your troops in your newly found 15 or 9 travian cropper. A level 10 tourament square is the minimum but I suggest you get at least 15. It may cost you to lose your army because of the constant attacks from the enemies. Gaul troops are more defensive based and their offensive troops are far more expensive than any other tribe’s. The main weakness of the Teuton … Once you start raiding the smaller players how many more opportunities are you going to have? TheTravianGuide 30,724 views. By now you may have noticed some new villages popping up in your area, watch them, watch them close – they are your new best friends, and they will soon be adding to your production. Early Teutons: (Thanks Burn) In the early part of the game – if you see a Teuton in the area that might be raiding, check their BP. The reason I like teutons is that it’s a very aggressive tribe and it really favours the active player. Again, it’s an activity issue. If you’re moving on to a 2 hour barrier with your legos, start queing up more of them as well. At this stage of the game you may not see much growth in your city. Axes will sometimes die due to the level of residence but a Tk will never die this way. When you’re done with that, look at your 13×13. 2 EI’s can raid on their own, start sending them in groups of 2. This will take some experiences to be able to calculate the time. This should not take you more than 1 day, or 2 days since you started raiding. • The earth wall is DURABLE • Merchants can carry 3000 units of resources (speed: 36 fields/hour) • BEST cavalry ( Teuton Knights ). The Teutons are the most aggressive tribe. Again, this depends on your activity. With all those said, I probably said most of what I wanted to say but well I have to say I enjoyed the tiring experiences and the current speed server will probably be my last full round due to real life issues and I felt that I should share what I know with everyone around. Travian Teutons Speed Server Guide by slave, € Introduction € What is Teuton? There is also an even more advanced version of this but I do not have the details of how to do it but well the attacker will time the attack such that ALL the attacks, inclusive of the clearing wave, reach at the SAME second but the attacker are still able to make sure the clearing wave reach before the chiefs do. Cheap and strong. Morals are more important than anything else. A capital is the SECOND most important village after your main offensive village. As surprising as it may sound, as a Roman you do have an option of what road to take at the very beginning of a server. Raid him silly. You will of course have to modify the above if someone is hitting you with catapults. For our annual special in September, we have prepared two entirely new tribes for you: The Huns and the Egyptians. However please note that if this village is important ( like an offense village ) , then you cannot do this. NOTE: If you are a gold abuser, and have spare resources at this point, start working toward your marketplace (warehouse + grainary) – Legos are heavy on iron, if you aren’t NPCing your resources you will fall behind in production while you are waiting for that huge amount of iron. After that, split into groups of 5. Either way, you’re behind. For you, it may be 40, you can’t know until you do it. It is stupid to use this tactic for a long distance fight when the enemy can easily just get 10000000000 defenses to defend against your attack. If you want to keep waiting, move your resource fields up to level 7 or 8. The offensive point / crop is the highest amount ALL cavalry. Read Catapult section and WW killer section for more informations. Expand your farming territory to 25 the 30 and so on depending on how many troops you have sitting around. The increase you get from it is much higher than if you built all fields to 9 then one to 10. It can be the deciding factor as to whether you survive or you are a goner. Get two 15C’s if you have to do it in a cropper. You can just NPC all the crops you get to resources and after that use the resources to upgrade your 15 cropper resources field. The attacks will stop. Note that to have nearby villages to conquer, you must ALWAYS remember that you should NEVER destroy a farm unless he is really getting on your nerves. You should always be friendly even if the guy attack you every 5 min for whatever reason. The more ranks you put in each of those, the faster things will go when you decide to settle. Just be careful – if you set yourself back, they’ll recover faster. - Duration: 18:13. If you are one of those who are extremely nice and think that no one should attack each other, go play sim city. Research Cost: 2320 Lumber, 1180 Clay, 2520 Iron, 610 Crop Velocity: 20 Fields/Hour Load capacity: 110 Resources Upkeep: 2 Crop per hour. If you have spare resources from throwing parties, send them to your little village. I have started on day 1, day 3, day 6 and day 30 – I’ve discovered that the closer to the start of the server you begin, the harder your life is going to be. 11 legos will kill a rat without losing any troops on small population cities. This is a good time to take a break, read the forums and get some sleep – you’re going to need it. The reason I say that is because they only use 1 crop per hour while other scouts use 2. Your email address will not be published. Your best friend when you are sad. Step 4: the hard part, being a bully. Travian IS a war game. Next Step – Repeat raiding, build more legos. If not, start building settlers. Remember, at level 0 you can redistribute his points, train him in ATK to send him out, then reset it to REGEN for him to heal.
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