These things can make the dreaded arrival of writer’s block even more frustrating. Ghosts don’t pay rent, but this one leaves gifts. The god shows up, but this year he is not interested in the death of his sacrifice. Stories. You go on a camping trip with your best friend’s family and wake up alone, surrounded by whispering trees. Enjoy! It often combines fantasy with horror, drawing the reader in by invoking their fears. Two helpful links for YA writers: 41 Top Agents for YA Fiction You were told you wandered off as a child for a few minutes but later discover you were gone far longer than that. Your best friend at college is a highly intuitive rune-caster, and people seek her out. You find a tree near home with a natural ladder leading up the giant trunk. Quests are like that. Keep your powers a secret by getting tattoos that are hidden. Publish anywhere. While it doesn’t have to be dark, it often uses themes that correspond to the darker side of city life. One of them makes you a tempting offer. And it will. 35. You intervene, saving her life, and she later invites you to join her on her mission. A veiled woman reveals the secret community taking refuge there — and why the kingdom wants them dead. 57. The next day, he’s arrested for stealing something you gave to him. It is times like these when some great fantasy writing prompts can come in handy. If you're looking for some simpler creative writing prompts beyond what you see here, try the writing prompt generator. Finders: A finder has the ability to locate lost items. Visions in Bloom. Alien Town. They have infiltrated the team. Tattoos around the eyes will grant magical sight, tattoos on the head can grant telepathy, tattoos on the arms can grant strength, etc. Hidden World. They design robots with magical powers of their own. He discovers the animal kingdom has a master plan, and he must decide whether to join them or stop them. 42. Horror can work well with urban fantasy as it's a good setting for horrific things to happen. During your stay in a residential treatment center for your eating disorder, you go to an animal shelter and meet a black cat, “Loki,” who is friendly only to you. Being the love child of a favorite palace servant and a dragon shifter, your gifts don’t reveal themselves until the evening of a long-awaited ball, when a man twice your age tries to get you into a compromising situation. Is there any hope for the human race at all? 43. In a Different Life. This gives a lot of control, power, and reverence to tattoo artists. Blog. Everything beyond those trees is gone. The lights go out in your neighborhood one night, and you wake up to see yourself and all your neighbors changed. A sudden illness in the family costs you your job, and you accept a job offer from a relative who knows about your hidden abilities and wants to use them. These prompts range from plot to descriptions to vague bits of story and inspirational one … You’re not looking to change the fantasy genre, after all. There are fantasy writing prompts for many genre crossovers. A new friend invites you over for a cup of the most delicious tea you’ve ever had. A dwarf, which squires for the kingdoms greatest warrior is on a mission to rid the land of an imminent threat like... 3. You’ve become a well-respected tarot reader, and even people in high places are taking notice. Your favorite reading room at a local bookshop is off limits, ever since a mysterious disappearance and strange energy readings. Dark fantasy is a combination of fantasy and horror. 25. The magical beings of the world begin to invent their own machinery. 51. Forest of Souls. For the first time in 600 years, one of the sirens doesn’t want to kill a particular young sailor. Guidelines & join: They are started by evil fire elementals. 56. A new shop opens that allows humans to rent mystical and magical things: superpowers, magical abilities/items, etc. A quiet old man lives in a run-down cottage at the edge of town. 20. Some of these are realistic fiction writing prompts, while others have a more fantasy or mystery bent to them. 15. Breaking Time. The days or even weeks where you just can’t seem to nail down a single creative word. A seemingly simple thing, but extremely sought after. There is a mysterious creature living deep in the forest of a small country somewhere in the world. A giant alien spaceship has discovered earth. As always, there are no rules in writing with writing prompts, but if you’d like some guidelines, here are a few: Choose a prompt that interests you or causes you a strong emotion. Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that takes place in an urban setting. The group of sirens have been doing their jobs diligently for centuries. Even if you change some of the details, I hope you find something that becomes the beginning of a story you’ll love writing. You get your laptop fixed by a reclusive genius in town, and suddenly you’re able to connect to an “internet” that goes far beyond that of Earth’s. He has come to break out one of the most dangerous, lethal prisoners in the world, and bring them back to his universe. #1 Fantasy writing prompt -About a Journey. One touch of your hand on a trunk, and you’re face to face with him. Spirit Animal. Blood Magic: If you posses blood magic, your magic resides within your blood. Fiction Writing Prompts for Teens; Fiction Writing Ideas for Middle School Students; Fiction Prompts – Ideas for Stories; 50 Young Adult Plot Ideas and Writing Prompts; Until next time, write on… If you enjoyed these Fictional Story Ideas, please share them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. Start writing and work these ideas or things into your story. 26. And while that’s exciting, it can also come with the challenge of too many options — with so many possible fantasy story ideas, how do you pick just one to focus on? Secret Guardian. Set a timer and write for 10 minutes – or 5 minutes, or 20 – whatever suits you. Lost Time. This offers you some quick and simple ideas that are meant to spark some ideas without limiting you. They have successfully made their way onto the spaceship bound for Mars. A stupid dare leads you to a back of the local store wearing a superhero costume, which oddly enough helps prevent a crime and brands you with a new identity. These urban fantasies often blend the lines between humans and paranormal beings or mythical creatures. An innocent man is executed, and the executioner smiles to himself as he wipes the blood off his ax. Now that you’ve had some time to look through these fantasy prompts, which ones stand out in your memory? Finders are valuable, and therefore quite rich and powerful. Horror and fantasy can often go quite well together. In the world of creative writing, we’ve only begun tapping the possibilities in speculative fiction, a genre that includes science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, horror, and superhero stories, as well as anything that ventures beyond known reality. If you do post on your site, attribution wo 1) Short story ideas - dating deception. Accidental Superhero. Help readers believe their own power to change things when they’ve finished reading your book. You’ve lost your job, food is running out, and bills are coming due. A collection of dark fantasy writing prompts for the writer looking to practice, or who needs a little inspiration. If you have trouble getting started, ask yourself questions to get your fingers moving. The Spy Diary. Alien Tech. To use it, you must draw blood. 21. Soon, it’ll be yours, too. Herbal Vision. One querent pays her with a magical pendant that changes both your lives. In the moment before a person dies, they utter a sentence that predicts a piece of the future. With the generous supply of fantasy writing prompts in this post, maybe this is the year to find out. 23. The following fantasy story plot ideas can help you get into your characters’ heads. The Graveyard Connection. Humans begin to think they have made a mistake, and then the robots start to team up with the wizards and sorcerers. Horror itself can be almost anything - as long as it is sufficiently terrifying! Choose a topic that interests you and kick your story writing into high gear! Draw a single door on a flat, solid surface, and pass through to the other side. They are among the wealthiest on the earth. Even the random ones can get you thinking of plot twists you hadn’t considered before. 44. I love thinking about plot ideas and idea starters for novels, short stories, and other fiction. You want one that will stand out in a way that still meets genre expectations. 9. When they take it home, they never could have predicted what was inside it. You make the call you never thought you’d make. After a week, your body starts changing. 3. Your protagonist lives in a world where you can buy and sell bottled emotions. The Crystal Finder. Cottage Industry. 2. Artificial intelligence is at an all-time high. Suddenly, the newly detached head begins to speak. One Minute of Memory. Mixing this genre of dread, terror, doom, gloom, and darkness with magic and fantasy can make for a wonderfully unique and enriching story. You take your favorite uncle’s advice and create a bucket list. Someone leaves flowers in your locker, and when they stay fresh for over a month, you get curious — especially when one sniff of the central bloom triggers a vision. Magical beings are the ruling class on earth. You don’t always get along, but when the king tells you to help set a trap for her — leading to her execution — you’re determined to find a way to help her instead. A new crystal shop opens near your home, and you’re one of its first customers. Here's Your Step-By-Step Guide, 111 Awesomely Clever Narrative Writing Prompts, 127 Creative And Fun Poetry Writing Prompts, 25 Of The Best Fanfiction Writing Prompts, List Of The 15 Best Writing Strategies And Examples, 67 Thrilling And Chilling Mystery Writing Prompts, List of The Best Self-Publishing Companies. 19. Here’s to finishing yours, anyway. When you slip it on your finger, it transforms your appearance. Writing prompts are writing topics or story starters that help with the ideation process of writing, by giving you a specific topic to write on. Writing fantasy requires a deep level of imagination and creativity as you are literally creating your own world. Some are just quotes—a few even borrowed from a few of my favorite shows—while others are more elaborate prompts. A writing prompt generator is a tool that produces a random writing prompt depending on the genre you choose. His “missing” daughter is among them. Prodigal Witch. You walk into an antique shop looking for a gift for your antique-loving bestie and are immediately noticed by the shopkeeper’s mother, who leads you to the back for a peek at something. A fantasy novel can utilize mermaids for example, but so can science fiction. Size, location, and design are all relevant to the ability being gained. Each year, all the wizards, sorcerers, and other magical beings come together for a tournament. Writing a fantasy novel (or short story) is much easier when you have a story in mind that makes you itch to sit down and write. The main difference is the age of the protagonist. Designer Baby. 41. 15 Science Fiction Writing Prompts. 37. 58. They have to prove the myths, legends, and stereotypes wrong to avoid being hunted and killed by humans. But you can’t take it off. Try one of these 75 fiction writing prompts to improve your creative writing. The magical beings must now rely on the “non-magic” folk they have ridiculed for generations. Vendetta Undercover. There is a single source of power for the entire realm (perhaps an object, or a place). Fantasy Writing Prompts You find a strange-looking egg while walking through the forest, but once you took it home and it hatched, you could have never imagined what was actually inside. No one knows what is in the box - they can’t get it open. A mysterious box appears in town one day. Sep 16, 2020 - Pictures and dialogue/story prompts. Mermaids are futuristic, fairy-tale material that works in many areas of the fantasy genre. But you do want to create something that will have millions waiting impatiently for your next book. They have honed their craft, and kill quickly, viciously, and without mercy. Click to Grab the FREE Checklist: "46 Simple Steps To Write & Publish Your Book”, Want To Become A Book Editor? You uncover it and see an altered reflection that revives a memory. These prompts are starting points. You can have a supernatural romance, a horror tale of fantastical proportions, or even a crime drama featuring some made-up monsters. They cast a spell on the source that uses the power of anyone who tries to touch it against them. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Prompts. 24. 49. 1. Hiding in New York. A Dog’s World. Some emotions are worth more than others. Monetary payment is not accepted. See where these ideas take you. You’re scrambling to find a lucrative work from home job before you start kidney dialysis, and you reply to an ad that sounds too good to be true. This is a versatile genre that can be molded into anything you want. They are groomed from birth to hate each other. After attending your grandmother’s funeral, you learn from a new acquaintance (with a young but familiar face) that the remains you buried were synthetic. Your doctor gives you terrible news, and you talk to your only remaining relative, who tells you of a stargate that can return you to a planet with an atmosphere better suited to your physiology. They are the only ones who can save the world from this darkness. Also, check out my other blog post: 10 Science Fiction Writing Prompts. It’s filled with horrific creatures, nightmares and dark magic with deadly consequences. 17. With powerful storytelling, YA fantasy appeals to readers of all ages. The Lost Heiress. The zombies have begun to think. You wake up in a palatial room, attended by someone who says, “After centuries of searching, we finally found you.”. Sometimes they are small and insignificant, sometimes they are very important. © Copyright 2019 Squibler, All Rights Reserved. Urban fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy that takes place in an urban setting. One of the benefits is a cure. All of these prompts are original, so feel free to use them on your own site or for your writing. Thinking quickly, she convinces the group they need a slave, and so she keeps him alive but captive, all while falling more and more in love with him every day. You can also use them just for writing practice and to get your creative juices flowing. Anything can become true if enough people believe it strongly and deeply enough. On your birthday, a favorite aunt gives you a ring that’s tied to a destiny kept secret from you. 45. Wars have been prevented, natural disasters have been minimized, and lives have been saved by these predictions. reedsy blog. 50. These are various ideas that have been bouncing around in my head or taking up space in my notebooks. Your ailing father has a serious grievance against the heir apparent and even named you accordingly. 55. You put it on and strange things happen. The firefighters are sworn to secrecy, the public can never know. You move into your dream apartment and soon discover you’re not the only sentient being living there. The more you work on it and flesh out your characters, the more excited you become — and the less likely you are to ditch your work in progress when the going gets tough. 66 Horror Writing Prompts That Are Freaky As Hell. They gamble their powers and magical tools. They leave no fisherman or sailor stupid enough to cross their waters alive. You accidentally leave your diary behind at a coffee shop, and after searching in vain, you find it on your doorstep with a note: “You’re exactly the person I need.”, 16. My favorite tool for writing fantasy is Squibler as it includes many features to help you tell your story visually. This e-mail contains two lies. It has terrorized locals for years. Follow for your dose of inspiration. One person knows why, and he’s in prison. These prompts are designed to help you put the fire back into a novel that may have gone stale. Motion Potion. 22. You set out to investigate on his behalf, securing a position in the castle. You’ve discovered a wand along with an instruction manual. Whether you are trying to come up with a whole new novel idea, or want something interesting to add to your existing story, these fantasy writing prompts will help you move forward. Your character writes an e-mail to the person, describing him/herself. These are the first fifty. 39. Currently, the writing prompt generator provides the following ideas: Word count; Writing genre; Character type; A prop to use; A sentence; A bonus assignment You’re on your first airplane flight when one of the engines fails, and for some reason, you know exactly what to do to ensure the plane lands safely. What must it be like to make readers feel the way you’re feeling right now? Night and Day Trading. 8. While it... Epic Fantasy Writing Prompts… You find an ad describing the job you’ve always wanted, and the employer agrees to interview you in the basement of the abandoned library. Only one other person on the plane knows why. A new shop owner comes to town and you win an open house drawing for a free tarot reading. Draw two doors at point A and B, and travel between them instantly no matter their actual, physical distance. They are developing intelligence, communicating, and becoming their own species. Writing sci-fi and fantasy comes with the privilege of being only limited by your own imagination: the worlds, characters, and plots you can develop are endless. The vampires that have been in hiding take advantage of their newfound freedom. Suddenly your dreams makes sense. Regardless of genre, every writer goes through it sometimes. If you have specific plot elements in mind, or if you just want more fantasy plot ideas thrown at you to get your creative mind humming, try one of the following links. Before dying, your mother tells you something about yourself she’d hoped you’d never need to know. Your new boss knows all about it. 33. Here are 50 creative writing prompts for YA that are sure to help you on your endeavor to write a meaningful story. He is looking for a new servant and/or sidekick. Witch for Hire. He’s not who or what he appears to be. Dark fantasy incorporates darker and sometimes frightening themes in its storytelling. Queen of the Garden. 30+ Best Fantasy Writing Prompts in 2020 Basic Fantasy Writing Prompts. Modern & Epic Fantasy Writing Prompts and Story Ideas 1. The list changes you. 59. Inspiration is hard to come by! Love is universal, no matter what species you are! Discover an endless feed of Fantasy writing prompts, sent to your inbox weekly. Download your free 25+ fantasy writing prompts printable. Fiction writing prompts - creative writing ideas with a focus on: character development. One day, the power source is taken over by dark forces. Don’t know where to go next? Maybe you’ve dabbled in writing fantasy, but you’re having a hard time thinking up a story idea that really excites you. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Your home town is changing (not for the better) since the election of its new mayor, who sees you lead a protest at his office door. The most compelling stories in this genre make use of the hero’s journey in some form. And lets not forget our love of history and mythology. 32. Free 10-day publishing courses. The Goddess Ring. 500+ Free Fiction Writing Prompts For Adults By Genre Welcome to our 500+ Fiction Writing Prompts for Adults Post Series- Sorted by Genre. Your next querent urges you to decline it and leave. I know that sometimes a good writing prompt can be all that an author needs to get inspired to create something great. Humans have been fighting the zombie epidemic for many decades, with no success and no progress. May you write the beginning of something that will linger in your readers’ imaginations for years to come. Picture yourself within a year sharing the news about your finished fantasy novel. Fantasy writing ideas include elements not typical of recorded history — including mythical beings, magic, etc. They can simply touch a person, and they will be able to mentally locate the lost item in question. Curses can be laid by tattooing someone against their will. Your character meets someone on an online dating site. Fantasy writing gives you the opportunity to create new worlds and realities. You trade one minute of memory every day for the power to transform any room in your home to match any image. You run to the store and witness a crime involving what looks like a human with the face and ears of a cat. 12. Two vampires have been doing their own planning for just as many years. Some travel from far away and gamble their lives in hopes of obtaining magic. Be-heading is a common form of execution. Your new job has an unexpected and life-changing benefit: fully-paid lodgings in an opulent manor. You always wondered why your grandfather had so much influence over others. Leaders have become corrupt and are using their power to simply get rid of people they don’t like or are threatened by. And now, you’re his successor. 18. 6. You move into a tiny but well-kept old house closer to downtown and you start receiving mysterious gifts on your doorstep. Firefighters are the only ones who know the real truth about house fires. 36. Choose a mythical creature that is generally thought to be large, terrifying, and evil. 29. 40. Write anything. Use these fantasy writing prompts to kick-start your next horror project. Once the door is smeared or washed away, it becomes useless. 28. Paranormal elements will also mix well with these fantasy fiction writing prompts. Twins at Odds. NASA has spent years creating the perfect plan to inhabit Mars. - Hopefully, this list of fantasy writing prompts has given you some ideas that will either get you started or keep you going. The Manor’s Keeper. Thanks to your quick thinking during a crisis at the village market, you’ve been appointed as the bodyguard for the princess. Your half-sibling has abilities that make you invisible around them. You investigate a cave, finding a furnished area in the center open to the sky. Secret Fire. Your country has been taken over by a narcissistic tyrant, and a powerful relative has offered you a role in his downfall — but not as a human. Don’t be afraid to make your own version of a classic! Your main character is left in the forest to die, as the annual sacrifice to the god of the forest. You receive notice that an estranged aunt has passed and left you the key to her hiding place, which she says she’ll reveal to you in a dream. Medieval fantasy is fantasy based in the medieval era. Pickpocket Apprentice. Top Secret Opportunity. The Family Business. In a land where beings without magic are considered second-class citizens and developmentally challenged, a dark... 2. Your favorite books also go missing. They soon discover that they themselves are actually the evil one. Doppelganger. Writing Prompts For Fantasy Stories Whether it’s epic clashes between elves and ogres or haunting tales of magic and the possessed, fantasy stories have the ability to transport us to other worlds, engaging our sense of romance, imagination and adventure. 60. Your cast of characters can be regular humans, mythical beings, magical beings, or a group that includes all three. A writer could take any of these fantasy writing prompts and master plots in countless different directions. - His daughter suspects you and resents magic for what it cost her. Seconds later, she arrives with your assignment. All prompts are my own - so you may use them as you like 46. The Recluse and the Ghost. Since I write scifi and fantasy, I’ve put together a list of 25 fantasy writing prompts to get you started. Here are 30 original fantasy writing prompts: Write about a character who finds an odd-looking egg in the forest. Write a story about the journey of a boy/girl who will try to find a leaf of a rare plant which can save his sick partner. These prompts are ideas where fantasy and romance have been intertwined.
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