Popular sizes of select bare root plants is 1 foot, 18 inches, etc. The glossy green foliage turns bright red and purple in the autumn. You'll have fun using them to create special healthy treats for yourself and your family and friends. Noted for its showy black berries and excellent purple-red foliage color, Aronia melanocarpa (Black Chokeberry) is a very adaptable, spreading, deciduous shrub which adds multi-season beauty to the garden. In spring, you'll enjoy the beautiful, 5 … Plants may be Aronia hedges offer multi-season interest. Measure from the center of the first plant to the center of the next. Deciduous tree; it drops its leaves in fall, Dark green glossy, finely-toothed 1 to 3 inch leaves, 2- to 3-inch clusters of white flowers in spring have showy pink anthers, Clusters of ¼ to ½ inch fruit turn purplish-black or black in late summer and autumn, Plant in full sun; tolerates partial shade, Poorly-drained to well-drained; moist to wet soils. Brilliant Red Chokeberry Tolerates wet soils. Learn About Our Grow Process. It provides habitat and food for […] Much preferred to the species, a superb landscaping shrub with glossy green leaves, showy white flowers in spring, black berries and purple fall color; suckers to … Plant a hedgerow to corral your edible garden plants. The fruit is a powerful antioxidant over 400% higher than Blueberries. 6 X 5' Glossy Black Chokeberry Tolerates wet soils. Glossy Black Chokeberry Aronia melanocarpa var. Use them with wild rice in a native stuffing, or side dish for roast turkey. 3 gal. It will keep the plant stress free and producing lots of flowers and fruit each year. Total polyphenol content is 1752 mg per 100 g dry weight, [22] anthocyanin content is 1480 mg per 100 g dry weight, and proanthocyanidin concentration is 664 mg per 100 g fresh weight. Each plant can produce as much as 30 or 40 pounds on each plant! $36. Is the soil getting dry? It makes a wonderfully ornamental accent in mixed shrub borders. The high-antioxidant fruit is used in baking and to make jams, jellies, syrup, tea, juice and wine. Bare Flowers, fruit, fall color all on an extremely adaptable plant. $48. Iroquois Beauty Black Chokeberry features airy panicles of white flowers with brick red anthers at the ends of the branches in mid spring. age of the plant! The Plant Sentry system includes a shipment certification program. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. A. melanocarpa (black chokeberry) has attracted scientific interest due to its deep purple, almost black pigmentation that arises from dense contents of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins. These plants grow into an excellent informal, untrimmed hedge. This rounded, upright shrub delivers beauty for your yard in every season of the year. Height: 3 to 8 feet. BLACK CHOKEBERRY Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) They'll hang on well into winter, unless hungry birds eat the berries before the snow flies. The incredible health benefits of Aronia have been studied extensively in Eastern Europe for many years. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Popular sizes of select trees are 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc. You'll define the space in a beautiful and easy care way. The healthy, deep berries are produced in clusters. Order yours from Nature Hills today! I find them unpalatably bitter---note the name, CHOKEberry. 3 gal. It even tolerates road salt, so can be incorporated into street plantings. Considered one of the best of the black chokeberries. ‘Autumn Magic’ - compact habit, fall color, large abundant fruit clusters, var. Aronia adapts to just about any soil, both wet or dry. Prices shown include plant, delivery*, sales tax and warranty. In spring, it has showy white flower clusters. They'll start green, then turn red, then purple and finish black. Aronia (Black Chokeberry) NERO $ 16.95. Check the soil using your fingertip. Aronia melanocarpa elata. Push it into the ground up to the 2nd knuckle. This proprietary eCommerce software prevents the shipment of a restricted plant to each state. Find Your Growing Zone:Show Approximate Ship Dates & Restrictions, Address2336 S 156TH CIRCLE OMAHA, NEBRASKA 68130. Learn More! And you can easily grow them in your yard! It is still very small in size. Wherever you use it, enjoy this beautiful ornamental edible plant. Thanks so much! 1. It features white flowers that come in clusters called corymbs. The black fruit aren't showy like those of Aronia arbutifolia, and where used next to walkways they can stain the paving. Aronia (Aronia) melanocarpa 'Elata' (Glossy Black Chokeberry) Home » » » » Native to North America. Heavy crop last season and normal bloom this spring. You'll love the fragrant clusters of snow-white flowers in May. $36. This compact, rounded shrub delivers excellent value for the landscape. Black chokeberries are available for a brief period in the late summer months. All rights reserved. It's an excellent backdrop along the north or east side of a perennial garden, too. It is noted for its clusters of 5-petaled white spring flowers (May-June), glossy obovate dark green leaves (to 3” long), black 1" diameter autumn berries (blueberry size) and purple-red fall color. 5 gal. Glossy Black Chokeberry can be repeated along the length of shrub borders to unify the planting bed. The charming berries are large and lustrous. As the season progresses, the leaves turn a deep, glossy green, which brightens the plant and heightens its … Aronia melanocarpa var. The multistemmed shrub grows 3 to 12 feet tall in its natural environment. Aronia melanocarpa var. Width: 2 to 6 feet. Dark green glossy, finely-toothed 1 to 3 inch leaves. As a landscape plant, what more could you want? glossy black chokeberry. What's wrong with my shrub? The fruit will persist into winter and are eaten by birds. Once your order is placed, you will also receive the specific shipment time-frame information as part of your order confirmation. It has fragrant white flower clusters in Spring, brilliant fall color, and large shiny dark berries that persist throughout winter. It is native to eastern North America and has become popular in Eastern Europe and Russia. For a hard-working, beautiful landscape that gives you edible berries, and brings birds to your yard, consider using the native Glossy Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa var.elata) in your design plan. Because of suckering and its tolerance to wet soils, this species is typically used in mass planting, in naturalized and woodland gardens, for erosion control, in windbreaks and in excessively wet soils. White flowers in May followed by 1/4″ black fruits that hang on well into winter. Glossy Black Chokeberry grows branches densely all the way to the ground. White flowers bloom in May. The spot we have it in does not gibe enough sun. White flowers in May followed by 1/4" black fruits that hang on well into winter. Aronia melanocarpa - A member of the Rose family, black chokeberry is a deciduous shrub which can grow to a height of 3 to 12 feet tall. additional handling surcharge, these will be noted on the item's product page. – Chokeberry. root plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. Grow it in wet or acidic soils, in full sun, partial sun or shade. Splendid ornamental shrub with brilliant red fall foliage. Black chokeberry is a small to medium sized shrub with an upright, mounded habit. Additional information Additional information. Black Chokeberry is found in low-lying wooded areas, and has a very adaptable nature. Unlike chokecherries which grow in bunches similar to grapes, chokeberries grow individually. 2- to 3-inch clusters of white flowers in spring have showy pink anthers Nature Hills sells a large variety of plants with several options available. 3 X 5' Viking Black Chokeberry Tolerates wet soils. Black chokeberry is a dependable small to medium sized shrub with upright, mounded habit. In spring, a profusion of fragrant, whitish pink flowers are borne in loose clusters, 2 in wide (5 cm), of up to 8. Give young plants a moderate amount of regular water for the first season or two. Chippewa County Minnesota. elata » Zone: 3-7 » Height: 4-6' » Spread: 4-6' » Sunlight: Full Sun » Shape: Compact, rounded » Foliage: Glossy green » Fall Foliage: Brilliant red. Flowers bloom earlier than other varieties. Aronia melanocarpa, commonly called black chokeberry, is an open, upright, somewhat rounded-but-leggy, suckering, thicket-forming, deciduous shrub that typically grows 3-6’ tall. You'll rejuvenate your shrub and reduce the height at the same time. Glossy Black Chokeberry. Aronia berries … delivery. Bushes & Shrubs > Chokeberry > Glossy Black Chokeberry. Black chokeberry varieties have been selected for less suckering, compact growth, improved fruit yields and fall color. Extension is expanding its online education and resources to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. Description: Glossy black chokeberry is a native shrub with a rounded upright form. Try making a Thanksgiving sauce, substituting Aronia berries for cranberries. It brings fantastic fall color to edible landscapes. Category: Shrub. Deciduous tree; it drops its leaves in fall. In autumn, leaves change from green to vibrant tones of red, orange and purple. Ell. Black Chokeberry delivers a lot of ornamental charm. taller than the height minimums. Harvest and freeze them to use throughout the year in smoothies and juices. The berries are ripe in August when the fruit are a black color. Black chokeberry bears white, five-petaled flowers in spring, and its fruit ripens in fall. Aronia melanocarpa, commonly called black chokeberry, is an open, upright, spreading, somewhat rounded but leggy, suckering, deciduous shrub that typically grows 3-6’ tall.It is native to low woods, swamps, bogs and moist thickets but occasionally to dry upland areas, from Newfoundland to southern Ontario and Minnesota south to Missouri, Tennessee and Georgia. 5 gal. elata Description & Overview Glossy Black Chokeberry is a suckering shrub native to Wisconsin with four season interest.
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