With anywhere from four to eight cantrips in the various builds, finding the right card(s) is pretty easy. We've updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The most common main deck threat to Reanimator is Deathrite Shaman, but there are a host of other cards that people can play to give you a hard time. 1 year ago. Budget Magic: 15-Rare Mono-White Auras (Historic), Weekly Update (Nov 29): How to Play Commander on Magic Online, Arena's Economy Is a Mess, Especially for Supplemental Products like Kaladesh Remastered, This Week in Legacy: Court is Now in Session, Tomer's Top 10 Favorite Cards From Commander Legends. If you see Grafdigger’s Cage, it’s probably right to bring in Shenanigans. If you discard the creature to Careful Study and draw a Show and Tell before hitting a reanimation spell, you'll feel pretty lousy. by Islandswamp // Mar 30, 2016 Reanimating Legacy. The reason I'm playing Trop instead of Bayou is that you need Islands to free-cast Daze. and if necessary Golgari Charm, Nature's Claim, or Krosan Grip. I was intrigued, since it wasn’t the usual B/R Reanimator list I was used to seeing. This matchup is very good besides Leyline, so just stick to plan A for the most part. Sort by: Planeswalker (3) 3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Show and Tell gives you a way to combo without using the graveyard. last second decision, with a deck I knew nothing about). One proposed solution that I read about is to side out some number of Careful Study when you bring in Show and Tell. The biggest reason is that I use the limited time I have to focus on my favorite format (Vintage), and there aren't any Vintage leagues. Firstly, I'll have to put it out there that I am by no means a Legacy expert. Chrome Mox comes along with a cost, but serves an important dual role as an extra piece of fast mana to enable the combo (in games where you have excess resources to use for it) and to draw off of Griselbrand and enable a Tendrils of Agony kill. Some versions of Miracles contain several cards that give Reanimator a hard time as well. Surgical does show up in some numbers, but it’s much easier to play around. It’s essential to remove Leyline of the Void, so having 8 ways to do so is a big deal. The 2 life is a substantial cost when your plan is to draw cards off of, This fast mana allows RB Reanimator to put a creature into play extremely quickly. Otherwise try to make sure you always have some countermagic if possible. Use the options below to exercise this right, and please review our privacy policy for complete information on how your data is used and stored. Other than that, I wasn't sure that I'd enjoy leagues. I think leaving the Tendrils package is a nice way to beat all of their interaction and Oko. Exactly which cards to bring in is a bit of a gray area unless you know exactly what sideboard cards your opponent is bringing in. A large percentage of cards that hurt Reanimator can be shut down with Pithing Needle, and I bring it in more than most other sideboard cards. You should almost always aim to bring Griselbrand out first because returning it to play will often yield enough cards to reanimate a second unbeatable creature or, in the case of, These are the disruptive cards that allow Reanimator to play through counter magic. The downside to playing only Blue and Black is that those colors lack good non-creature removal. Touted as the best game 1 deck, expect to win game 1 often but be prepared for side boarded games where intense hate will be coming your way. Iona is your silver bullet against combo decks, and Elesh Norn is for creature heavy decks. In the list that I posted I chose to play one Show and Tell, which acts as a ninth way to get out one of your bombs. One quick note about Brainstorm for any readers who don't play Legacy: you don't need to cast it during your opponent's end step. The best way to use Brainstorm is to draw new cards and shuffle away things you don't need. There are a lot of Black-Red Reanimator lists floating around the internet lately, and since the deck is so new, people are trying out everything. Legacy / Reanimator MTG Decks Visit Legacy forum Card search Deck Search. See our privacy policy. Watch Queue Queue Most of the time this won't happen, but not every opponent plays the exact same sideboard. That's why my Reanimator sideboard is built specifically to fight hate cards. The base of the deck is Black and Blue so there are four Underground Seas. Let the power of Kor Spiritdancer and new Kaladesh Remastered addition Sram, Senior Edificer do the hard work for you! On some level, it must always be respected in deck building as it always threatens to win the game early against players who aren’t prepared. Archetype of Endurance and Inkwell Leviathan are great against decks with Karakas or Swords to Plowshares,  Tidespout Tyrant is great all-around at bouncing problematic permanents, and Tyrant is one of the few reanimation targets that can take out lands. Tin Fins, Burning Reanimator, and the newer B/R Reanimator decks all hate to see Surgical Extraction on their reanimation targets. But I always look for ways to improve or adapt based on what I see out of the opponent’s board as well as what experience through repetition teaches me about roles in certain matchups and key cards. Once Griselbrand is in play, the raw card draw and size of the body will easily win the game, but there are a few routes to take from there. Many thanks and much appreciated! Top 7 Legacy Decks . There are a … They supply the enemy with reinforcements and spread corruption with every step. Details of Herbert West’s life from childhood to death—and beyond can be found within The Legacy of the Reanimator. Building FNM-worthy decks without breaking the bank. Question about BR Reanimator Preface : So, I'm in the process of building BR Reanimator for SCG Syracuse. My solution has been to trim one Exhume and either one Careful Study and something else. $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00. The matchups where Abrupt Decay is the best are against decks that are playing Chalice of the Void, Blood Moon, Counterbalance, or other cheap permanents that Pithing Needle doesn't hit. Sorcery (1) 1 Fiery Confluence. Remember, Deathrite is a creature and as such has summoning sickness. Death and Taxes is a bad matchup for Reanimator due to their prison elements, access to Karakas and Swords to Plowshares, and the many powerful hate cards found in White. Where Faithless Looting might lack in creature selection, it greatly increases this deck’s consistency. … [ Read on!] Any Tier 3 Submitted Deck videos posted each month. Given the raw power of some of the restricted cards, increasing consistency in finding or using them can be very dang… In Legacy, you can play the most powerful Jund deck complete with Deathrite Shaman and Bloodbraid Elf. The Legacy of the Reanimator collects the original serialized H.P. It is also like playing four copies of Vampiric Tutor. The creatures in the list are heavily picked based on silver-bullet creatures. Chrome Mox comes along with a cost, but serves an important dual role as an extra piece of fast mana to enable the combo (in games where you have excess resources to use for it) and to draw off of, Not every Reanimator deck runs this package, but having access to it allows Reanimator to turn into a turbo, ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. You should almost always aim to bring Griselbrand out first because returning it to play will often yield enough cards to reanimate a second unbeatable creature or, in the case of Children of Korlis, a win on the spot. This fast mana allows RB Reanimator to put a creature into play extremely quickly. A million seemingly random one-ofs. Also, please try to combine it with a fetch land. Situations, game states and the opponent often call for a different plan of attack. In the past, I had played RUG Delver, BUG Delver, Shardless BUG, Reanimator, and Sneak and Show in Legacy. A good example is when you're facing a card like Leyline of the Void that doesn't get hit by Abrupt Decay. Nature's Claim is the cheapest answer to artifacts or enchantments in Magic. Reanimator is a turn one, or turn two combo deck much of the time. If you learn how to know what you'll face from your opponent, you can bring the correct anti-hate cards in. It is going to be my very first Legacy event that I'm actually preparing for (the only other event I've actually played was a classic. I've seen a list that went 5-0 in a Legacy league that costs under five-hundred tix to make. The early game is where the countermagic in Reanimator is the best because Daze and Force of Will work best against a tapped out opponent. Special thanks to Garrett Robb for letting me use the Reanimator banner he made. Browse > Home / Strategy / Articles / Raising the Dead: A Guide to Legacy Reanimator Raising the Dead: A Guide to Legacy Reanimator. In some cases you might go for one of your other fatties, but the concept is always the same. It doesn’t just put a creature in the graveyard, but finds you any resources you are missing to execute the combo (be it lands, reanimation, or disruption). Four Griselbrands used to be the norm, but three is what most people play now, and I think that's the correct number. Find out where Re-Animator is streaming, if Re-Animator is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Show and Tell is also Blue, so it's relevant even when you don't need to cast it. The ability to be flashed back is extremely relevant, as well, and this further increases the deck’s consistency. This guide reflects my current approach to some of the most popular decks in Legacy. It combines the core combo mechanics of Tin Fins, with the Burning Wish / LED tool set of TES, the speed of Belcher and the back up beat down of Reanimator. I've had games where I brought in more Pithing Needles than Abrupt Decays and been frustrated by multiple Cages on the battlefield. Check out this guide on how to do just that! While the specific iterations of the deck have changed a lot over the years, recently RB Reanimator has proven to be the most consistent, powerful version of the archetype. R/B Reanimator is a strong deck, and a solid budget option for Legacy. On Magic Online Reanimator is actually a affordable deck to build thanks to the MOCS promo of Griselbrand. Looking to rank up in Historic without spending a lot of wildcards? Any deck that can't hold a creature on the battlefield under an Elesh Norn is one in which you will actively try to reanimate her first. Decklist Stats Sample Hand. Out: 3 Thoughtseize, 1 Children of Korlis, 1 Tendrils of Agony, 2 Exhume, 1 Griselbrand, 1 Chrome Mox, In: 4 Serenity, 4 Reverent Silence, 1 Ashen Rider. I bring in two or three in a lot of match ups. The core of Reanimator is, as you would expect, built around Reanimate, Exhume, Entomb, and Careful Study. It even saves some of our most critical creatures from untimely demise. While Reanimate is the cheapest, if your opponent is applying too much pressure to your life total it might not be as effective (or even castable). Out: 3 Thoughtseize, 1 Chancellor of the Annex. Of all those decks, Reanimator was one of my favorites, and conveniently I owned most of the cards online due to owning Vintage Oath. Rich is a Legacy lover from upstate New York who loves to cast Brainstorm, normally pairing it with Delver of Secrets. These are the ways of getting a creature into the graveyard. 1 Tendrils of Agony, 1 Children of Korlis. He has two SCG Open top 8s, with a win in Syracuse in 2019, and numerous high-level Magic Online results. © 1995-2020 Wizards. The other creatures to reanimate all have special roles to fill, and the slots can be adjusted according to your expected metagame. The essential core of the deck doesn't change much, and that's what I'm going to go over today. While Reanimate is the cheapest, if your opponent is applying too much pressure to your life total it might not be as effective (or even castable). I'll never stop loving Vintage, but Legacy is it's own distinct and amazing format. The work that this one card does is amazing. Highlighting the Pauper format where only Commons are allowed. Lovecraft story, “Herbert West—Reanimator” along with it’s two sequels and a bevy of short stories from some of the most renowned Lovecraftian writers. Once you're heading into game two, you're going to need to decide if you want to fight those hate cards or side-step them with something like Show and Tell. After Reanimating Griselbrand and paying 7-14 life, you use fast mana to Entomb to search up Children of Korlis, then Reanimate and sacrifice it to gain that life back. If you try to make room for cards by taking out the core of your reanimation strategy, you take away the best aspect of the deck: its speed. Outside of Scavenging Ooze, Leyline is the most common graveyard hate spell they play. Jace was always one of the biggest reasons I was playing this deck over something like Izzet or Grixis Delver, but he has become more of a liability in recent weeks with the uptick of Pyroblast. Exhume is even safer, as the creature will return in its full glory, but it comes with the risk of allowing your opponent to bring something back (which is most often a downside in the mirror). Animate Dead does weaken the creature and can be interacted with (by Abrupt Decay or Disenchant, for instance), but in most cases will be a very safe way of returning the creature to the battlefield. The deck where it finds it home has popped up in Legacy after its multiple bans in Modern, which essentially turned the … Four-player Commander battles featuring a new theme every week. Reanimator has its roots in a pure Dimir build, but the prevalent contemporary designs play a light Green splash for some extra permanent removal. These cards are in there to make sure we hit the cards we need to hit, and they help fuel Force of Will to protect our combo. I find the deck to be really fun to play. In mirror matches Truth is also a trump card. All rights reserved. Many people would say Blue is the best color in both eternal formats, but I think that in Legacy the other four colors are closer in strength. Being a Black deck, Reanimator also gets access to Thoughtseize, so there's proactive disruption as well. Right up until the Magic Online Legacy leagues were announced, I had yet to play in a league for any format. Reanimator also gets to play reactive disruption and protection in the form of Daze and Force of Will. Griselbrand is the best creature possible to reanimate. The only option in these colors is to lean entirely on bounce spells like Chain of Vapor and Echoing Truth. Thoughtseize is an incredible card in this deck because it gives you information about what to play around, it proactively protects your combo, and in a pinch you can use it on yourself to bin a fattie. Grave Titan is able to be hard-casted and is a very fast clock that gets around Liliana of the Veil. Legacy leagues intrigued me, but I wasn't sure about jumping in right away. Together this combination accounts for ten or more disruptive spells, which is a formidable control package for a combo deck. Lotus Petal and Dark Ritual are by far the best of them, requiring very minimal or non-existent costs and powering out fast combos as early as turn 1. They will likely have Rest in Peace, so Reverent Silence is going to be an important tool. Nothing is worse than having the wrong answer to your opponent's sideboard cards. To make room for Pithing Needle you can trim a Thoughtseize. Thoughtseize is also great in the mirror or other decks that play Griselbrand because you can Reanimate creatures from your opponent's graveyard. Thoughtseize is a bit more reliable, as you won’t always have an extra black spell in hand to throw away to Unmask.
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