Eat a Cranberry Day (November 23) National Parfait Day (November 25) Thanksgiving (November 26, 2020 / 4th Thursday) * Throw Out Your Leftovers Day (November 29) National Food Weeks. October 13 – National Yorkshire Pudding Day. October 15 – National Roast Pheasant Day / Mushroom Day / Chicken Cacciatory Day. New events added regularly The calendar is updated regularly when dates are released or I discover new events to be added. October 9 – National Dessert Day. By Kristin McGrath , Contributor July 27, 2020 By Kristin McGrath , Contributor July 27, 2020, at 12:02 p.m. January February March April May June July August September October November December Learn about today, tomorrow, and upcoming Food Holidays. A food holiday calendar containing all the Food Holidays that fall on the 365 days of the year. MARCH 2020 DRINKING HOLIDAYS National Health Observances (NHOs) are special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. October 1. October 2020 Daily Observances. Check out the 2019 NHO calendar [Archived] Each month, we feature select National Health Observances (NHOs) that align with our priorities for improving health across the Nation. Full Harvest Moon; International Day of Older Persons; Living Dead Day, a day commemorating the Night of the Living Dead movie and The Living Dead series; National Hair Day October 2005 Last Updated November 2020. Click here to return to the main page of this article. October 16 th: World Food Day; World Food Day was organised to bring awareness to the impact of development on food production and distribution. October 10 – National Angel Food Cake Day. Click on the name of the day and you will be taken to a more detailed description of that day. Food Fun / More Food Fun National Food Holidays: October And You Thought Halloween Was The Big Event! Use our list of food holidays to find out when and where you can eat for free! October 11 – National Sausage Pizza Day. There's a food holiday for all the 365 days of the year — including more than just one Pizza Day or a Doughnut Day. Events are held worldwide to set goals that will eventually lead to building a Zero Hunger Generation. In fact, there are over 321 different food & beverage holidays to choose from including National Pie Day on January 23 and National Bacon Day on December 30, … October 14 – National Chocolate Covered Insect Day. Many restaurants, fast food chains, and ice cream shops across the U.S. offer free eats to celebrate national food days. Welcome to the Food Calendar, the place to find all of the UK’s food-related national awareness days, week, months, holidays and major events for 2020. See our criteria for highlighting NHOs. Here's your monthly guide to free food days and national food holidays. A complete list of National Food Days is presented below. Then, visit a participating location during a free food day to nab treats, like donuts, Slurpees, bagels, pancakes, and more! National Fig Week (1st Week) Split Pea Soup Week (2nd week) National Food Months. 2/2 – Super Bowl 2/7 – Pisco Sour Day 2/14 – Valentine’s Day 2/17 – National Cafe Au Lait Day 2/18 – Drink Wine Day 2/22- Margarita Day 2/23 – Open that Bottle Day 2/24 – World Bartender Day 2/25 – Mardi Gras 2/27 – National Kahlua Day 2/28 – World Ditch the Straw Day.
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